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  1. Would that be ms. Pollard? I've been wanting to pick this up- I'm a huge Gibson fan, but it seems every successive book packs a bit less punch than the last. If no one is being devoured by nanobots and chased be space-faring rastafarians while hanging from their fingers from a out-jutting hobo encampment plastered to the side of the Bay Bridge, I'm not really there.

    I can't be the spoiler in a public forum!

    I am afraid you will be disappointed if you read this one. Way too much plot.

  2. Entertainment, what Henley's did they have in solid colors? (not into stripes) But I'm interested to know what the henley selection was like both long and short sleeved.

    I think they had gray and navy blue, maybe one other.

  3. Thanks for the heads up...much appreciated...why didn't you like it? Was it cut weird?

    The cut was good. I think it had to do with the color which made my face look really pink. But the lighting in the changing room is horrible there so that might have had an effect too. They just have a single incandescent bulb hanging right in front of the mirror.

  4. I seem to remember someone (Shorty Long?) asking if the striped Henley worn by the Indian in the old photo and reproduced this season was available in the United States. I saw it this week at the Levi's Meatpacking store in NYC. I tried it on, but didn't look at the price or the size because it looked plain bad on me. Also had a very nice conversation with the "Historian" about workwear and flight jackets in old movies. The store is now stocking a wider selection of shirts. They have several henleys, a light blue shirt with stripes that I think Paul T has sported, and a dark indigo check popover. I also tried on the 1922 jeans. The fabric was very close to the 1915s which I have, so I didn't bite.

  5. Just finished reading this:


    I don't want to turn this thread into a book club, but I have always thought of William Gibson as a patron saint of Superfuture. One of the subplots involves a denim brand started by someone in a major American city who abandons her first career to start making jeans. They are only available if one is contacted by email. They have no branding except on the patch. Demand far exceeds supply. Sounds somewhat familiar. Though they are made of 20 oz denim.

    I haven't been putting as much wear as I would like this summer because of the heat, but the weather has turned. Will post some pics of the jeans soon.

  6. I suspect PaulTs pair may be the leader of the pack, I've caught a glimpse of them in other photos. Notice how he's not posting closeup pics, probably going to try to roll on everybody at the last minute.

    I can attest from seeing Paul T's pair during our meet up in NYC that the wear was amazing.

    I am not sure that I can say they were better than some of the other great pairs here, though.

    PS Paul, I am still hoping to see that picture of the urinal at Old Town Bar.

    almostnice Great to have you posting again.

  7. Just got a chance to read through this thread for the first time since Saturday. Irene knocked out our power for two and a half days. Fortunately a neighbor was able to find a generator and we were able to hook up our sump pump on Monday morning. We got about an inch of water in our basement which wasn't much compared to many people around us. Sunday, my wife and I bailed water for seven hours before giving up. Monday and Tuesday were again spent in the basement cleaning up, but we didn't lose anything of value.

    By the time I emerged from the basement, most of the big trees had been cleaned up, so I don't have any photos. But we didn't see anything like the devastation that Erk did in our immediate neighborhood. The big problem around here was flooding from swollen streams, but fortunately my house is on higher ground.

  8. Modern work shirts that are supposed to emulate vintage work shirts look really odd with short tails IMHO.

    This is the big problem for me with e-workers. Everything else about their shirts is excellent.

  9. Fantastic photos of B&P!

    One of my very good friend's father was one of the founders.

    Did you head out back and check out the treehouse? It's a treat. The whole place is.

    Missed the tree house. Definitely want to go back, so will check it out next time.

    riff - great photos as always!

  10. It will be an Edwin Leepro Ben, possibly made in China with Japanese denim.

    The Edwin Leepro pieces that are made in china usually are clearly marked as such in English, so if it doesn't have that text it is probably made in Japan. The MIJ ones are usually only identified as to country of manufacture in Japanese.

  11. We intended to spend the day in riff-land but we forgot our passports so we had to placate ourselves with a very short visit.

    This is the library and opera house in Derby Line, Vermont and Stansted, Quebec. The border is to the left of the zebra pedestrian crossing.


    It was purposely built over the international border as a sign of international cooperation. Needless to say, it is a source of great headaches now. The entrance is in the United States, but most of the building is in Canada. Canadians are allowed to walk into the United States to enter the building without going through customs, but are not allowed to go anywhere else.

    Welcome to northern North America:


    Welcome to central North America:


    Here I am in my RxC straddling the international border in the reading room.


    The second floor is a theater. The stage and some of the seating is in Canada, but most of the seating is in the United States. We have visited the auditorium before, but didn't have time for the tour this time.



    On the way up to the border, we passed through an area where the smell of manure was very strong and I took some deep breaths as if I enjoyed the smell, so my daughter drew this picture:


  12. Dr Heech Great shots. Love the Lego car. Very impressive.

    almostnice Hope your stay at the spa helps a lot.

    Dr House Good luck!

    dkatz I am trying to post my photos as quickly as possible. I am not sure if Vermont can compete with India.

    Robbie The house looks great.

    Haven't been able to rep much on this thread for a long time, but I keep trying.

  13. After the rain came through, we found this kitty having a drink.


    The light was beautiful, so I took more pictures of the barns.



    And a rainbow.


    This is why the farm was named Mountain View Farm.


    Just before we went inside, we found this cherry tree and ate until we burst.


  14. From Middlebury, we headed toward the area in northeastern Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom, right on the border with Canada.

    Along the way, we stopped in Richmond, which has a round church:


    And a good bakery called On the Rise with a clientele that looks like they are big fans of Phish (which formed at the University of Vermont):


    In the Northeast Kingdom, we stayed at an inn in the buttery of an old dairy farm founded in the late nineteenth century. If you look closely, you can see that the weather vane is in the form of a butter churn, although the churning was actually done by a steam engine which still exists (though it is non functioning).


    This was the owner's house, but it is not open to the public.


    Once the farm extended over 7000 acres. It no longer functions as a dairy, but now serves as an animal sanctuary for farm animals no longer wanted by their owners.

    There is a huge horse barn



    And a huge cattle barn.



    As well as many outbuildings.


  15. But the most exciting exhibit for me was the paddle wheel steamer carried over land two miles from Lake Champlain as the centerpiece of the museum.



    The interior was quite posh.




    The temperature was in the nineties, but a nice breeze was blowing here so we sat for a while.


    Then braved the top level to see the helm.



    This is the token picture of me in my RXCs. I wished I had worn shorts.


  16. Next stop an open air museum called the Shelburne Museum, just south of Vermont’s biggest city, Burlington (population 42,417 per the 2010 census). Many of the buildings were moved here from elsewhere in Vermont. This is a round barn from eastern Vermont.


    This is a light house.


    Some of the buildings house collections of art including a collection of folk art and a collection of Impressionist paintings. The paintings include three excellent Manets, a Courbet, several Degas pastels and a bunch of Monets—examples that any museum would covet. The founder was a Havemeyer, the family that donated many of the Impressionist paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This building contains rooms which recreate the Manhattan apartment of the donor for the display of the paintings, though the sequence of rooms was rearranged to fit a house. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any good pictures of the paintings since no flash photography was allowed.


    There is an old railroad station and a steam locomotive and a private rail passenger car, but I was most intrigued by this pedal powered rail vehicle which I wanted to throw in the back of our car and bring home.



    There were also free carousel rides.


    And an amazing garden with seventy-five different varieties of day lilies all in bloom including this double variety. I thought of you roy6.


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