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  1. Is switching between clothing styles entirely different from swtiching between genres of music/movies and eating different styles of food? Obvious difference is that dressing is partially about how the clothes relate to you, but if you can pull off numerous cohesive styles and convey a genuine relation to each of them (which Seenmy does and Ronnel does not) - surely we can't call that person fake.


    Is the suggestion that all our influences should be incorporated in one constant, individual style? I suppose that's ideal, yet similarly I like many genres of music but don't enjoy listening to them all in the same period.

  2. when was this?  i mean how long ago? still get contacted from stylists askin if u in tokyo?? WOW  i guess u must still be relevant.


    givin you benefit of the doubt (assumin what u said was tru) it's not that they think or thought you're "cool" at all.  u just probably have marketable looks/physique.  


    no h8te, but reading yr post was just awkward.  you actually soundin like a"tryhard" here....

    thing is, is that u  talk a big game, but in reality the guy u callin out's game bigger.  yr braggard post sorta reeks of classic my-japland complex...



    It was tryhard, just hate it when people play the Brisbane card. Meeting rajio at his level I guess.

  3. Huh?


    I wasn't dissing his style dumb fuck.


    I just thought it was interesting that kids are getting into Lad these days.


    I was into Lad and still wear a few pieces now and then.


    1993 can wear whatever he wants to wear.


    Regarding why the rest of the world needs to care what people in Tokyo think, its because Tokyo kids are cool.


    I don't think the same could be said about kids in bum-fucking Brisbrane.


    Yes you were. And you're still sounding like a tryhard.


    PS: last time I was in Tokyo i banged an editor from HUGE, made friends/met up with stylists and editors from HUGE and Grind, Modelled for Grind and was contacted to model for Brutus and Non-No (couldn't cause I was only there for two weeks). Still get contacted from stylists asking if I'm in Tokyo, plus one HUGE editor recently contacted me for info to write a feature on Australian fashion.


    I guess you could say some tokyo kids think this bum-fuck Brisbaner is at least somewhat cool?


    PPS: hate to try and show off but it's the only sort of thing I guess you understand.

  4. Why is Lad getting so much hype on this board suddenly?


    Its been around for ages


    I used to rock a number of lad pieces back in 2005-2007. Not much anymore.

    it isn't really revelent in the Tokyo fashion scene anymore.


    Saying a brand is no longer relevant is just code for "people won't think I'm cool for wearing it anymore." Don't be so tryhard.


    Fashionable tokyo chicks don't approve of Lad style. But that's part of why wearing out-of-favour styles makes you legitimate: you have a genuine interest and aren't just in it for public opinion.


    Plus why do you think the rest of the world needs to care what people in Tokyo think?

  5. This doesn't represent every era


    Yeah very abridged. Plus I'm talking about these brands' heydays of popularity rather than their inception. It's missing late 80s HF/Goodenough, and a link between neighborhood/ura hara era into mid 00s visvim dominated era. Then after visvim jumped the shark in about 2008, there's Undercoverism (I maintain from there on was its heyday as streetwear, maybe at least from a western perspective) and then there's Cav Empt for the latest sorta stuff. What else am I missing?

  6. oversaturation point always makes something less appealing


    This is the concept of fashion. Cool people develop a trend so as to dissacociate themselves from uncool people. Uncool people catch on and the trend gets played out. Repeat.


    Furthermore the more exposed you are and the harder you think, the quicker you should become dissatisfied with trends and desire to seek/create new ones.

  7. The discussion of whether J&MC would wear this shit bothers the hell out of me because a number of these looks are directly based off of outfits the guys wore. Watch the Never Understand and You Trip Me Up video clips and you'll see what I mean. This collection is definitely lazy and not even particularly nice.

    And yeah, it's your plastic toy, damn it.

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