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  1. Any carabiner would be better than the TAC-link as it is a device designed to fail and break if any stress is applied to it. 


    Why opt for a screw down stainless steel one and not for the Acronym 3A modular pouches? 


    A grimlock would be a best if you need option than both as it is still polymer so it will be quiet and not make a lot of noise like a metal carabiner. And it's in matte military colors so it will fit better with the ACR aesthetic. It also has a quick release pin adding to disconnect components with ease.




    these carabiners now come with the ACR p10's. 

  2. yeah definitely, I was just pretty desperate for a roll on my last night at a good venue but it didn't pan out. luckily they were just some bunkers and nothing bad happened. 


    haha yeah it was sloped out which is quite funny, literally wading in a sea of plastic cups by the end of the night.