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  1. People that add water at the end of a bottle of hand soap to try to utilize every last drop. I hate that shit. Cold fucking soap water.

    this. especially if you don't notice and you push down with the force of a normal pump, shooting a projectile stream of cold soap water everywhere.

  2. albums:

    vhs head - trademark ribbons of gold

    delicate steve - wondervisions

    copy - hard dream

    das racist - sit down man

    booka shade - more!

    yeasayer - odd blood

    scuba - triangulation

    mgmt - congratulations

    kanye - MBDTF

    ratatat - lp4


    kuedo - dream sequence

    cassius - the rawkers

    kavinsky - PCH

    SKRILLEX hahaha

    siriusmo - the plasterer of love

    danger - 9/17/2007

  3. I think having the CGI out the hand in every episode will probably be too big a pain in the ass


    I think this show takes itself too seriously. It was unintentionally hilarious when they were walking around with the guts and severed feed hanging around their necks. If they just embraced the absurdity and ran with it I'd like this a lot more.

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