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  1. Please refer to the sizing guide on page one. If you really can't find that page (seems like the majority of new sufu members who are getting into samurai), then get size 30 if you want that fit.


    looks alright but too much for me, make sure to post pics of that evo

  2. Alright, I am just posting this for interest check because I am selling it at a fairly high price compared to other used Canon Rebel XS. The reason why I am selling it at a high price because it is in absolute mint condition (I rarely touched it) and I am including all the accessories you will probably end up buying. I purchased it in August 2009, and took probably 50 pictures with it. It's been sitting on my desk and I feel the need to get rid of it. I am selling everything that came in the kit and a CPL filter, a star filter and a UV filter. I am also including an aftermarket hood, which is exactly the same as the Canon one. There's also a screen protector on the LCD screen installed already. The price is $550 CAD shipped, let me know if you guys are interested. Picture will be provided if you are really interested and don't mind the price. Thanks for looking guys.

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