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  1. japan :: tokyo :: general

    Anyone know someone with Disclosure tickets that they wanna off-load?! If possible, 2 would be good...
  2. Do you have a Taobao account? If not, I think you need to sign up to access their messaging system and contact them that way.
  3. china :: hong kong :: general

    Have a short stopover in HK on my way back to Japan in January (arrive 20:40 and leave the follow morning at 10:30), need a hotel/area that's easy to get to from the airport on the train that has places with food and bars to check out. Don't need no 5-star shit as I'll probably be only sleeping for a few hours, so around $100-150 USD. Any suggestions?
  4. DJs?

    You buying just the one? If you can afford it I'd buy a pair if possible (a whole second-hand setup with a mixer would be even better), as it won't be able to do all that much with just the one when you get it home. As for testing it, apart from looking for visible signs of wear, just don't be afraid to play the shit out of it when testing it. Bang at the cue, play, loop, effect buttons numerous times to make sure there's nothing wrong with the contacts or no sticking. Of course check all the buttons work, but those ones are most used so would most likely be prone to problems. Do the same with the eject too. Also, drag the pitch control up and down, both quickly to make sure there's no lag in the shift and then real slow listening to make sure the pitch is shifting with each movement.
  5. good hip hop

    some NZ beats a0NdvQIeKFU off his free album for download released today if you feel... www.therosetint.com/
  6. Azn Gurlz I Would Wife

    New dorama started here last night...
  7. what are you watching today?

    The Chaser 3-Iron
  8. Common Projects sneakers

    Pretty sure they're still doing 46, just bought some not long ago that ended up being too big. Never seen a 47 though.
  9. APC

    Cheers. I'm actually a 34, just usually go for 36 in thin finns because they're my everyday wearers and I don't want too slim all the way up through the thighs for comfort but like a bit of taper so thought cures would be alright if I did the same once they stretched out if I went for 35. Or not? What's the hem measurement like on the ns? Pretty sure I don't want rescues as I don't like anything loose in the hem.
  10. APC

    What's the difference between the cures and new cures? Every other site except the Japanese one here only stocks NCs? I'm a 36 in nudies and am looking for a similar fit to my thin finns so thought I'd go for NCs but when I just went to purchase here online, they only go up to 33 in the NCs (which I'm guessing will be too much of a downsize?) but the do have up to 35 in the cures in stock. Any suggestions?
  11. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    Cheers for the info. And thanks, that hotel looks like what I'm after, and cheap too. Will check it out.
  12. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    Yeah, doesn't need to be much. Around 2500NT a night max. Had a look on the usual discount hotel sights and found some alright looking ones in Ximending or Da-an (?) area. Just want an area that's good for food, bars and not too long a train/taxi ride home from where most clubs are at.
  13. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    Gonna head down to Taipei for a few days over xmas. Looking at hotels now, what area to stay? Just going to eat/drink and probably check out some clubs. thx
  14. what are you watching today?

    Season 1 and just finished Seasons 1-7 of Entourage, all in within 3 weeks- can't believe I slept on it all this time.