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  1. not much in taipei recently...

    but ya

    The store called The Complete studio opened up at east of taipei..

    forgot the date.....Jan 19th or sth... a very simple store with wooden floor, glass window and huge spaces...they are the official visvim stockist in taiwan.

    and also they carried NEXUSVII、SOPHNET.、TENDERLOIN、CAUSE、ROUND&ROUND、PLAYFORD..i heard they are also bringing in neighborhood somehow...at their 2nd floor.. not sure thou.


    TEL : 02 27 71 97 09


    another store is..TUANTUAN boutique a.k.a (commes des garcon taipei)

    same owner as the undercover taipei..

    this store included all the cdg line from main line, 2nd line, collab with speedo, fredperry ...plays.junya and tao..pretty much Dover street market in UK

    they also carried Undercover、Hysteric Glamour、Number[N]、MMM and Balenciaga in the store.

    北市松高路11號 信義誠品1樓




    what are the prices like for such labels? is it normal or overpriced?

    will be heading there in oct.whats the weather like?

  2. will stretch ....over the next weeks def. 1,5 inches...but - honestly - if I were you - I'd buy the next bigger size - longterm u'll be way more satisfied...

    thanks.really appreciate it,i guess i'll just squeeze in it and stop drinking.

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