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  1. 26 minutes ago, Iron Horse said:

    Konadog, who makes the brown hat?

    the brown hat in the first two pics is from Selentino, the silverbelly hat is Borsalino, and the teal hat is Optimo Chicago.

  2. for those who own the sweats and have washed them - do they shrink back to their original size? i really dig these pants, but they have stretched a bit more than i would have liked. haven't washed them yet, but plan to soon.

  3. i own a lot of nice clothes and i've become a bit of a gd snob. when it comes to pants, i have to say left field really does it right. granted, i've tailored many of my LF chinos, but they remain my go-to pants. i now own 5 pair of chinos and the sweats. if you're on the fence on this brand, don't be. just make sure you get your waist size right. the rest can be handled by a solid tailor. the materials LF uses is life time.

  4. finally broke down and picked up the sweatpants. will take me many, many years before i see the kind of wear many of you have achieved. but should make for comfortable domestic evening wear.

  5. Brand new Buscemi 50mm white on white sneakers. Positively gorgeous. Never worn. Size 44, which translates to a US 10.5 or 11. I would say these fit just like a Common Projects 44. Really, really like these, but I remain more of a traditional shoe and boot guy. Retail at $740 if/when you can find them.

    $700 shipped conus.



    Veste Ouvrier in Indigo size 102.  One of the holy grails of Mister Freedom.  I love the piece, but have more use for a cardigan these days.  Worn sparingly, washed once, no tears or holes or damage.  For more details on fabric and measurements go here:




    $750 or best offer - shipped conus






  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
    $US 55