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  1. Pure Blue Japan

    Can you post fit pics? I have also just got a pair of 007, went down 1 on tag size. Have you hot soaked or....?
  2. Pure Blue Japan

    I just got a pair of 007, my true waist is 34 and I bought size 33. They have been soaked for a couple of hours but didnt seem to shrink all that much. I am wondering if size 33 might have been too big for a true waist 34? I could put them on a hot wash so I know exactly what they are doing?
  3. APC

    hey guys, what do you think of these NCs
  4. APC

    Hi there people. I got a pair of 32 NC around easter, havent worn them majorly but they are a bit loose on me, not the greatest fit for my figure. I'm in the UK and wouldnt mind selling them, or trading them. the waist has stretched to a 34. not really any fading apart from a tiny bit of wallet fade. pm me if youd like this pair. I was thinking £90 ish
  5. lets talk watches

    hey people. Im planning on heading into london tomorrow with around £150 ish to spend on a watch. i dont really know what i want or where to get it. but im using money i got from my 18th birthday so want a watch i can wear for casual and formal stuff, everyday wear.
  6. [FS] Blue Blood Form VB 32/34 MS08D02VB34 Prewash

    bump, bump
  7. Asking price: £50 + shipping price Shipping from UK Pictures