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  1. Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    This stuff looks really good. But too much of a headache trying to translate everything from Chinese and having to deal with crooked proxies. Do any of these places sell on places like alibaba or anything?
  2. Parkas

    Anyone with the AI n-3b comment on what the outer material is like? I've read it's a little too plasticky/shiny
  3. the unbranded brand

    Anyone really surprised by these as I am? Do they live to the (modest) hype? I'm still only less than a year into a pair of United Stock Dry Goods, but I may just have to try a pair of the 21oz. Any sizing suggestions? (Size up/down, stretching/shrinking issues)
  4. Anyone know anything about the denim quality on the United Stock Dry Goods Indigo? Blueowl states "Japanese selvedge" but that's about it.
  5. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Need some sizing advice for the 0201 I really like the taper and slim measurements on on the leg. It's not too skin tight, but is still slim enough. My only problem is with the rise. I really don't like low rise very much. Does JB have anything with similar measurements with a higher rise?
  6. Anime / Manga

    What a strange criticism, that something can reek of being accessible to a western audience.
  7. yes or no? / this or that?

    Left is 65% rayon, 35% poly. Right is 73% cotton, 27% rayon
  8. After giving my grifters a wash, and it seems gaining a couple pounds, the top button isn't looking like it wants to cooperate. Do AW stretch at all/after a hot wash?
  9. Zig Zag shoes. Info?

    Anyone know if the suede and leather low tops need to be sized down as well? I'm thinking that since they're not made out of that canvas, they should fit truer to size and not stretch. can't expect these are real leather though
  10. who here is drunk?

    That SHB I was trying at turns out to be one of the uglier girls I've ever talked to. How the hell did I miss that? Such a busted face it actually is kind of funny. And she only has short hair to 'express herself' now that she's not living with her parents. What a damn shame.
  11. who here is drunk?

    so drunk i'm trying to find this short haird bezzy i met tonight on FB so I can try to get with her next week
  12. Anybody know the best way to fix a button fly? Two buttons are gone and now whenever I wear the jeans it looks like I didn't button my shit up. I'd send them back from whence they came, but I don't think AW has recovered yet.
  13. superconfessional

    My ex from a year ago just messaged me on facebook because I added a new picture, and wants to chat about how I'm doing and shit. Bitch, there's a very good reason I don't talk to you anymore.
  14. What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)

  15. What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)

    retiring the 3sixteens