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  1. Omega you like Stockton/Fruitridge?

    I'm around Pocket/Greenhaven and Elk Grove. I'm going to be around UCD a lot though from now on. How was launch? I've been hella busy doing school shit and haven't checked this thread since the last time I posted

  2. hate to say it, but i hope you're ready for some headaches with this girl. I went through a very similar situation with a girl who was a younger sister of a co-worker, huuuuge fuckin' party animal, and it ended up being a nightmare. i cared for her alot, but it took way too much effort to keep up with her when we were together, and way too much self restraint to not succumb to jealousy when i wasn't with her.

    there's a distinct element of immaturity and carelessness that comes with a person big into the party scene, and without sounding too harsh on the girl, you'd probably be better off treating it as a fling.

    As Sleazy P said, the drama might not be worth it. I dated/fucked a couple chicks that were hardcore partiers. There were times where I wondered if I was bordering on date rape and had to back away (unless we were already fucking on a regular basis - then it was more of a judgement call).

    shit guys, so she just hit me up to fuck

    and after we did it, she basically asked me if I just wanted to keep it f w/ b shit and I was like yeah w/e. how did I catch feelings did not see this shit coming:(:(:confused::confused::(:(:(

  3. I just heard four distinct gunshots outside my window (ground floor, suburb) like close as fuck. This shit doesn't happen in the suburbs. I didn't hear any cars/see any lights so whoever fired was on foot. I am legit scared that shit was loud as fuck, might have been right across the street

  4. fucked a girl I've been crushing on for 2 years like a couple weeks ago.

    she is like a huge partier (gets shitfaced like every other day) and I am pretty much straight edge.

    she gets pretty fucked up and is always around frat dudes that spend all their time trying to get her in bed. She kind of likes that attention. I wouldn't ever admit this to her but it kind of bothers me.

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