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  1. i hate dirty bathrooms. not that I have a problem using them, but when I'm in them I can't keep myself from having gross thoughts such as licking the moldy corners or getting my socks soaked in the pipe water that's pooled around the base of the toilet. it's like a bruise you have to keep pressing. 


    is this normal or nah

    my dad used to have this machine at work that would cut really thick stacks of card stock. there were a few of them but the one i am mainly thinking of is this huge guillotine-type hydraulic cutter. the blade in the machine was like 4 ft long and around 5 inches thick. anyway whenever i saw that machine i had this weird urge to stick my fingers or my hand under the blade and i hated being in the same room as it

  2. CP3 foul on russell was def a foul and a terrible read on CP3's part. he should know better. why would you even put yourself in that situation? (slowmo vine)


    the reggie jackson/matt barnes thing seems to be called appropriately due to inconclusive footage and the rule everyone is mentioning:

    "If a player has his hand in contact with the ball and an opponent hits the hand causing the ball to go out-of-bounds, the team whose player had his hand on the ball will retain possession."


    there's no angle that shows reggie jackson touching the ball after matt barnes strips it, either way it's reasonable to stick with the call on the floor. i think officials called that to their best abilities. do understand why clips crew mad tho


    more importantly imo is that CP3 was probably fouled on that last play. also KD got some good makeup calls down the stretch (to counter some blown calls/uneven officiating). clippers still gave that shit away, played way too loose

    you're right about sticking to the call on the floor. here is the ref justification for the call 10365803_10152913666649569_3959678873747

    and abt the cp3 getting possibly fouled on the steal by westbrook


    normally u would think he would hold the ball and not try to move it up the court bc clips would've taken it if he just ran out the clock...however he goes aggressive baiting westbrook into reaching in, then flops to try and get the whistle. that shit works for him the vast majority of the time and he thought he would definitely be able to sell it at that moment. but because he didn't get the tickytack whistle he loses the ball and throws away the game.


    here's a shot of cp3 pretty clearly fouling westbrook on the way down during westbrook's 3 attempt


    for a lot of ppl it wasn't clear from replay, but u can see here why the shot was so short


    edit: also cp3 went with the same move fouling steph curry and actually got away with it in game 3. he didn't get the call this time. i feel like even that doesn't make up for all the times he's closed out games basically daring the ref to blow the whistle and decide the game with a call

  3. lebron, kd, griffin, love, paul, curry, and melo are the only guys i would put over westbrook but i haven't heard anyone put him outside of a top 10 list.


    spurs are looking unstoppable right now. insane that the mavs were able to take them to seven the way they are completely outclassing portland

  4. Well no matter what teams, which era and who did it, don't you agree that's no sportsmanship on such act? I clearly remembered isiah thomas was GIVING handshakes and Cousins yanked him away while thomas was giving handshakes lol.


    Cousins is very talented, don't get me wrong, but he needs a veteran leader to tame him.



    would u want this guy's fake show of sportsmanship? i'm glad there's bad blood. this super soft nba where everything is a t and flopping is so widespread is bullshit

  5. wizards with wins against the heat, thunder, warriors, and suns in the last week.  18 in the power rankings, no respect.

    wiz will have best backcourt in nba (excluding gsw) by next year. wall 17 points 15 assists 6 steals 4 boards on okc...gd

  6. sometime is just personal preference. Just like Omega Jelly Jiggle left out Durant in his selections. I am sure lots of people will have Durant in his selections right?

    lol i fucked up. forgot about durant.

  7. Can't wait for this year's all star game.


    Who's your top 5 players in position?


    PG: CP3

    SG/G: Kyrie Irving

    SF: LBJ

    PF: David Lee

    C: LaMarcus Aldridge

    weird that u are doing new allstar voting format rather than traditional positions but i would prob go

    1. cp3/curry 2. harden/wade 3. james/george 4. LMA/love 5. howard/cousins

  8. well it's two second rounders and a 1st round protected top 12 pick from the kings which changes to top 10 protected after this year and then expires in 2017. really shitty pick so i think the cavs actually got a good deal in this. they will have a ton of expiring after this year which is nice too. kyrie/deng/waiters/tristan thompson/varejao is solid. also they got a huge upgrade at the small forward which was easily the worst in the league

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