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  1. Yuksek - Away From The Sea 1 Break Ya 2 Tonight 3 A Certain Life 4 Extraball 5 Take A Ride 6 I Could Never Be A Dancer 7 So Far Away From The Sea 8 Little Dirty Trip 9 This Is Not Today 10 I Like To Play 11 So Down 12 Freak O Rocker 13 Eat My Bear Yuksek - Tonight EP 1 Tonight (Edit) 2 Tonight 3 Deladeu 2 4 A Certain Life (EP Version) 5 Tonight (The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads Cover) 6 Tonight (Kris Menace Remix) Yuksek - ExtraBall 1 Extraball (Breakbot Remix) 2 Extraball (CK 90s Hip House Remix) 3 Extraball (Original Extended) 4 Extraball (Pilooski Remix) 5 Extraball (Radio Edit) 6 Extraball (The Shoes Cover) Lisztomania (Yuksek Remix).mp3 Yuksek aka Pierre-Alexandre Busson not many people know that before Yuksek as we know him today was once a young Pierre-Alexandre - a classically-trained pianist, studying at the 'Conservatoire' from the age of six to sixteen. "One day I just turned round and quit the 'Conservatoire'," Yuksek explains, "It was clear I wasn't on course to be a concert pianist and I wasn't all that excited about the idea of becoming a piano teacher, either. But my years of classical training inculcated me with a rigorous approach to work and an aptitude for experimenting with chords." Not surprisingly each and every track on Yuksek's debut album is a lesson in the art of combining melodies, finely-tuned arrangements and pop vocals. Away From The Sea manages to incorporate multiple musical styles, too, ranging from old-school keyboards and guitars to pulsating dance beats. Yuksek acknowledges his formative influences as well, closing his album with a "hidden" tribute track to the Beatles. [zip] Yuksek Away From The Sea Tonight EP Extraball [2009] DOWNLOAD: Yuksek [ZIP]
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  10. waywt? saved my life

  11. gotta give it up! i like them more now than i used to. yes quite good mate, their sound is more developed and mature
  12. waywt? saved my life

    no one neg this guy, he could kick ur ass !
  13. k schweeeet i won the drawing contest