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  1. hey howl, are you in school?


    i found that when i became less calculated it actually worked in my favor. this occurred during university when i was around people i was comfortable with and alcohol also helped. 


    i remember 15 years ago or so when Yahoo! chat rooms were quite prevalent. I use to get on the mic in chat rooms and blast music or do some karaoke. i did voice chat and spoke mandarin to this chick at school frequently on aim, but between the pauses i still had time to think about what to type or catch my breath since my mandarin not so good. i have not used any of the web services or apps available nowadays but i imagine the pace is much faster. you should try responding with your first reaction but an honest one rather than dote on an "idea" then be filled with regret after you send the message. you may find that you'll come off as sincere, to the point, and if you're caught off guard relative to being in the middle of something at least you respond back and say 'hey, was grabbing something to bite in the kitchen, what's up?' without feeling like you are telling a white lie. that is a bad example but my point is when you get back to the chick you're talking to you will have a genuine reason why you texts suddenly stopped especially during a "heated exchange". 


    people like to know that you are keeping yourself busy.




    my point was also response to conquerors' post. you still young, it's all good. the EB games comment made me laugh inside.  

  2. adding you, anyone can add me as well: alexei_vronsky


    currently jp time, but will be relocating to san diego soon


    started my ps4 after like a month to play division, realized that two friends (both having just ps3) are not enough for this.

    add gamertag: aarghdanii



    Eye_Lids (i play on PC)

  3. not saying it's right, but schad's right. when you swipe based on a headshot & and someone shows up "internet approved" it may illicit a "huh, wha?"


    how is this the same thing? "Internet approved" was reference to dress, i thought. Your headshot is capture of yourself. Two different types of attractions, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I referenced the same thing in my post about looks being a factor more so than dress if you are going to judge someone solely on appearance. 


    howl was not wearing a wife beater and wide leg trousers anyways, fycus was being smartass 

  4. i would think online dating means keeping an open mind to who you're matched with, whether by choice or the algorithms behind the screen. i just don't think so much emphasis should be made on what you're wearing that day of the date. of course looks matter for that first impression but i thought fycus was talking strictly about his way of dress. nothing wrong with wearing a wife beater and wide leg trousers if you can pull it off. aren't these online dates suppose to be on the casual side anyways, at least the first meet. people can tell if you are comfortable in your own skin and IMO that is more than anything a positive signal.


    * * *


    i met up with a friend of a friend and got some great feedback on coffee meets bagel. gives me hope. 



    Would love to see whose in. sweet spot would be anywhere from 20-40 people

    PM me with
    first name
    last name
    residence address, with additional mailing address if need be

    Optional (but probably best for your swap partner)
    top size
    bottom size
    shoe size
    current songs on your playlist
    top movies
    any food allergies

    This would be a really cool way to be able to give someone something from your hometown/city that can't be found elsewhere as easy..challenge would be to assemble the package with the receiver in mind as well

    or just a neat way to give and get cool stuff

    ***the person that sends out the most creatively put together package will get an additional surprise package the person will be selected by peers

    you do not have to spend the most $$$ (feel free to if you want)
    you should be thoughtful, creative and package should just kick ass

    ***i will update with more info as interest comes along but if you are in pls PM me with necessary info before Sept 10th 2014 that way I can get everything organized early and get it down before holiday season.



    Can we get some closure to this thread? 



    My initial remark was bad. But if you guys are going to try and read this any differently, w/e. I did not mean literally pick a winner but it was stated as part of the "rules" by the OP. 


    Before another swap is started consider wrapping up the last one.


    If a few bad apples left a sour taste in everyone's mouth that sucks and is good enough of a reason I guess to call a stop.  





    sure thing m8, just pop over to boone NC and check on my package thanks

    Okay I get it now. Did not make sense at the time and I did not follow the thread too closely at the end. IMO unless you working through a proxy how you going to prevent this from occurring again?

  6. just keeping it real. i had a lot of fun w// it fwiw. i rec'd some softcore porn and hentai. best part was probably reading gantz. it's too bad your partner bailed. 


    i don't know why an admin does not mod these type of events. 


    didn't whitney say she would pick a winner, too? this is what i meant with my comment. i guess b/c of some people not getting their exchange the whole idea got axed. 



  7. Arrived at work at the same time as another co-worker. We enter the front door at the same time. I always take the stairs and for a split second I saw her pace slow down as if to process where I would be going relative to her direction, which was the elevator. It's okay if you take the elevator, no shame in that. It was more awkward because after saying 'good morning' in the parking lot we walked in complete silence thereafter. the body language awkwardness. lol

  8. Meeting with this client and he was talking about being 62, retired on SS and needing more of that money to live the lifestyle. 


    At the end of the meeting we shook hands, and shared a few more words about that life. He then reached out to try to shake my hand again but his hand was sort of in a fist, and I remember he's about that life, so, I reached out with my fist to reciprocate. But we just sort of grazed each other's knuckles. I think he turned around with a smirk kind of like "wtf". I said bye and walked away. 

  9. good you finding something that helps.


    I got a shy bladder but i've been overthinking it my entire life i think. 


    i don't even care now when i walk out of the office or restroom 2 to 3 times just to piss because i know some other person is in the room. i don't think this is good for me long term.


    maybe i should consider taking some medicine too. 

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