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  1. The jukebox pairs with arcs were all 1941’s and used the regular Conners branding ( patch ,tab and buttons ) , lovely jeans but like Neal said I don’t think they were ever for sale 

  2. Just now, Dr_Heech said:

    That jacket fits you much better (imho) than your other 506xx @Flash 


    Yeah this one is a 40 ( others a 38 ) and there's plenty of room for a thick sweat 

  3. @Dr_Heech

    The 46 are the new 14.5oz denim ( your correct , same as the duck digger)

    The 50's are the 13.5oz banner denim 

    As far as the decking goes , it was painted last year .... £120 worth of decking paint and in lasted 6 months until it started peeling so Mr Ronseal can go fuck himself 

    @Maynard Friedman

    There both really nice mate but I like the 46 more I think , mainly because the 46 501xx along with the s501xx are my favourite Levi's 

    @Duke Mantee

    Dont get me thinking about it too much .... they'll end up in the in the sale thread before the end of the day :D

  4. On 3/4/2021 at 9:31 AM, Flash said:

    Decided to go with the 1950 25th anniversary pair , not one of my 2 choices from the last post but thought about it and I've been wearing nothing but s501xx and 1946 repros for the past 5 years and a change would be nice , be different to look down and see copper stitching 

    Couldn't resist the 25th 1946 ...so I bought those too . I sold the 46 duck diggers i had mainly because of the pocket shape and the position of the arcs ( too low ) and i think the 25th are pretty much perfect both in pocket shape ( apart from the same intentional mistake at the bottom of both pockets ) and arc shape/position. Really looking forward to them 

  5. Not claiming any expert status I'd put it down to the usual boring answer of wartime production.  While I couldn't find an example to the extreme of my conners there are plenty of examples of the panels being sewn with the twill running in different directions 


    did Yoshiaki take some liberties in this detail ?? Havent got a clue . Tried looking through his old Instagram pics put got back as far as 2018 and the ipad wouldnt load any more up . I don't think its outside the realm of possibility that the pair he based these off had this same detail but who knows 

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