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  1. They have been a few expensive mistakes I've made regarding conners but the second half 46 mistake was due to the 47 denim being so stubborn to give , my first half are sized the same and I consider them one of my better fitting pairs 

    While the hip shape is quite strange compared to other brands I think its often overexagerated . It was more apparent on my size 30 ww2 


    Took this pic a few weeks ago after I washed the ww2 ( 46 hasn't been worn since i last washed it , few repairs needed ) 

  2. We need more discussion on the forum , I've thought many a time if getting rid of rep would promote this very thing , I'd much prefer for someone to comment on a fit picture or whatever it is posted than just click a rep button 

  3. Is anything going to be perfect in the eyes of everyone ? As far as the improvements go I'm not sure what else he can do to improve the product . As far as the waist on the ww2 goes ?? I have no solid idea but I would think that there was good reason , like you mentioned the vintage pair could have been an odd patterned vintage pair ? Like you I have nothing more to go on other that assumptions . The one thing though that gives me hope that the fit is based on the vintage pair is that every other detail on the jeans has been reproduced , everything from the crooked v stitch to the extra stitching at the top of the pockets to the little flaw in the bottom corner . I see little point in doing all this but not looking at the fit with the same accuracy ?? Again just my thoughts .

    The sizing is accurate to vintage as well , I'm a 30 in almost all japanese brands but any vintage I've tried on in tokyo I was at least a 32 , this is another reason I think the fits may be correct ( maybe a little exaggerated but correct) ,almost bought a pair of 501zxx on my last trip but with the amount of indigo left in them and the ¥170000 price tag I decided against it . 

    I'd kill for a nice pair with arcs , actually asked if it was possible with my recent order ( told him they would not be posted online and everything ) but he was too worried about Levi's , he is a small brand after all and a lawsuit could well put him under ...... but at the same time Levin got away with it soo ..... why not ? 

    This may come across as defending the brand against criticism and I suppose I am to a certain degree but these are my thoughts and opinions and I've quite enjoyed the discussion . There is too much pic posting at times and not enough actual interaction 

  4. Like anything that gets a following it grows , but I understand where your coming from 


    The appeasing the japanese thing is obviously just my thoughts .... maybe he just likes red ?? :D

  5. I see all those other models as a way to appease japanese retailers that have a more radical style , threeface being one if not there biggest customer . You see how it is here every time there is a contest .... everyone wants to have the input in the soup , same with some retailers 

    Its definitely offputing , but the same way I ignore products from other brands I like I just do the same with conners 

  6. 13 minutes ago, Double 0 Soul said:

    Ive become a bit disheartened with CSF direction, story of my life..

    ..nowadays i'm floating in a sea of denim-indifference waiting for something else to come along and peak my interest..

    All the weird collabs and those threeface jeans are of no interest but imo there core models ( especially the 40's models ) are second to none 

  7. Best thing about it was Kenny dressed every day like he was going to work on a building site , the only time I ever seen him looking decent was at a cousins wedding . Good guy and a really hard worker,  came to Belfast in the early 80's ( bad time to come here ) got a job on the docks and ended up opening a load of Chinese restaurants 

  8. Too bling ? :biggrin: could never wear something like this , belonged to my father in law but now is my brother in laws ... we have it for safe keeping because the fella is an absolute idiot 



  9. First time I've worn a watch since the lockdown began 


    It's a nice watch I really should wear it more . Hopefully I'll finally make the decision to sell the Tudor 



  10. EDIT ..... SOLD 

    So for sale is 

    Warehouse DD1003xx 1946 , size 30 

    They have had about a month of weekend wear with a few walks with the little man during the lockdown , the only noticeable fade is on the right knee ( dad fade ) 



    Waist 31.25 ( worn so stretched )

    Thigh 12 

    Front rise 11

    Back rise 15

    Inseam 32 

    Hem 8.25 


  11. Think it was about 2006 and I walked into the Bureau in belfast , they used to stock evis , lvc and lots of other brands . Seen a pair of evis with red paint on the back pockets ( found out years later that they were the 2101 ) but they were £190 and there was no way I could afford them . The bureau also owned a smaller shop around the corner that focused more on streetwear so I popped in there one day they were having a sale and ended up leaving with a pair of Cycle jeans  . they were an Italian made vintage inspired brand and the pair I bought were an 1890 one pocket style jean , on the swing tag it explained about selvedge denim and wearing/washing so I went online and found mynudies like many others and that was that 

    I actually ended up buying those 2101 with the red paint a few years later from a fella Garreth who worked there , he bought them but never got round to wearing them 

  12. 5 minutes ago, dudewuttheheck said:

    Yeah I'm waiting on the Dawn Knight 42's. I actually don't know too much about his 41s. The reason I went with these was because he had an actual pair to go off of with these (maybe he had one for the 41s as well, but I'm not sure.) 

    Yeah Jukebox vintage supplied the vintage pair for the 41's 

    The only difference I know of for the 42's is the flasher stating "Original riveted" as opposed to "copper riveted" , so it must have been early 42 when the change was made to copper coated rivets 

  13. 5 minutes ago, dudewuttheheck said:

    Wow those look incredible @Flash

    Two years isn't bad at all. Mine have held up very well construction-wise so far after 2 and a half years. The fabric has been the weak spot with mine.

    Your waiting on the 42's aren't you ? 

    Really liked the look of those but was a bit confused what the difference was to the 41's ? 

  14. Took a few pics of my M-46 , worn them for about 2 years and there just now needing some minor repairs 


    Really looking forward to getting this new pair but these are definitely gonna see a lot more wear 

  15. Enjoying the movie talk so thought it would be cool to hear everyone's top 5 plus 1 guilty pleasure 

    Top 5 in no particular 

    . True Romance 

    . Pulp Fiction 

    . 7 Psychopaths 

    . 3 Billboard's Outside Ebbing Missouri 

    . Terminator 2 Judgement Day 

    Guilty pleasure 

    . The Devils Rejects 

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