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  1. I really don't get it either , I think its all just an empty threat from Yoshiaki.  I'm guessing he thought he had something ( the items bought at auction ) that not many knew about and when he seen them being published in the ebook he panicked and started babbling about lawers and whatnot to scare denimseeker off , in any case he acted like a dickhead 

  2. Didnt burn anything but i did try to boil the patch on my unworn ww2 pair ( harder that it looks , thing was tough ) 


    I toyed with the idea of selling my conners stuff because im disgusted by the way Yoshiaki has reacted but then I realised that there just jeans and just because they were made by an arsehole doesn't mean i still can't enjoy them for what they are ... a pair of jeans . Ill definitely not be buying anything else from him and but I'm still going to enjoy the stuff I have 

    Really hope denimseeker can figure something out to release the ebook in some form because from what I've read so far you can see he has put a lot of work into it 

  3. 1 minute ago, lance said:

    I don’t think of my watch as a status symbol. I’ve been wearing it for 38 years, with everything from cut offs to jeans to suits. Every time I look at the watch, I enjoy the view. A little bit of bling, a lot of dependability. I hope your son gets that kind of pleasure from the watch, Flash.

    Neither did I , but because I knew next to nothing about it and wasn’t all that interested to learn it just started to felt that way to me . You obviously appreciate a good watch more than me mate 

    if nothing else Jack will appreciate the fact that there something that belonged to his grandfather and his dad and maybe one day he can pass them on to his son 

  4. My good mate @Duke Mantee made me this beautiful belt and I thought I'd share some pics , wish I took the pics fresh from the box but I was too excited to get wearing it 

    Solid brass hardware and a beautifully soft black leather 


    While the leather is soft it definitely feels tough , has a really nice texture 


    Everything is super cleanly cut especially the holes 



    Thanks mate 

  5. @lance I'm not a watch guy mate , thought I was for a while .... but no . Bought a tutor black bay ( sold it a while back ) and while it was a lovely looking watch I knew nothing about it , nothing about the movement or anything like that so it was basically just a status symbol type thing and I'm not into that . I'll wear this whenever I have to wear a suit ( weddings and funerals ) but other than that this and the other one will be left to Jack 

  6. Think my one is from around the same time . This pic is the first and only time I've actually worn it 



    ( and I wasn't even in court .... ) 



    Belonged to my father in law and was gave to me when he passed 

  7. 13 minutes ago, Broark said:

    If that’s the case then totally fair, I thought it was more so about the product that BoT offers. That’s a bit more of a grey area indeed.
    But in the same breath, couldn’t Konaka just say this about anyone making a similar product (war era reproduction jeans)? He certainly doesn’t own that intellectual property. Just a bit of a slippery slope, and to me it seems like he doesn’t want anyone else to have a piece of the vintage repro pie…

    Don't necessarily agree with everything here but in the same vein i don't think Yoshiaki is worth defending because of the recent issue 

  8. I heard about this a while back  ( edited ) , stuff like this is a bit more grey and you would need to understand exactly what happened to make a judgement..... the denimseeker thing is plain as day though and Yoshiaki is wrong 

  9. I love my conners items for what they are but after this i have lost a fair bit of respect for konaka san , I always thought they were so engaged in the community and would love to see something like this being done 

  10. Not a good look on Yoshiaki at all 

    @Fooleo id contact denimseeker directly before you share the book , im pretty sure he asked that it not to be shared incase it causes more trouble for him 

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