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  1. 13 hours ago, Geeman said:

    End don't discount RMC so must be prevented from doing so by RMC. 

    In other news has anyone seen the shocking new releases... the JMC t and bleached hoodie. ..Awful.  


    Just seen these ..... what the fuck are they thinking ???? . The promo pics I seen makes it look like there going for a hippy vibe but They look like something from Topshop 

  2. Didn't tudor make dive watches for the British navy for a bit ? ( or was it the French navy ) 

    Cwc make/made dive watches for the uk navy as well 

  3. 49110412791_b79bffa13c_b

    Finally going to sell this ... for real this time 

    Older rose model , full set , everything included 

    £2200 plus shipping ( free in the uk ) 

  4. @lance did you wear it for a manual job , if it's at all possible I'd get it repaired and continue wearing it , that's the type of wear we should all be striving for with our clothes 

  5. Conners fanboy spotted in the wild 


    In other news ... think I'll be joining Duke in the unemployed club , not gonna stop me smiling , couldn't think of a better way to spend my days than with the little man ........ hated the bastards anyway 

  6. No no mate , I didn't think you were ( you couldn't if you tried ) 

    Was just trying to sum up my thoughts and note we all have out sticking points when it comes to what we wear 

  7. At the end of the day we all dress ourselves in the morning  .... or at least I hope so  ( and are able to )  so were going to gravitate to different things. The small discrepancy were focusing on here isn't enough to turn my interest of the brand off and after trying to branch out with the warehouse only further instilled my opinion that no one makes a better 40's repro than conners ( arcs would still add a lot to them though ) 

  8. I've no problem clashing 70's even early 80's  vintage and as we advance in time the limit where we would call something vintage would do the same , but i suppose this is subjective and everyone would be different 

    Carrying on the top block discussion , like I said a few posts ago I do think it's more that likely that some of the models have been exaggerated where they have I don't think it's by much ,were talking what 15 - 20mm at most ? In the more extreme cases ... discounting my 30's as this may just have been a case of bad patterning ? ( see .. I'm not opposed to faulting the the man himself :D ) 

    when it comes to comparing vintage cuts to the repros I think we really need to be using deadstock exames , a hard enough task to find good pics of ( believe me I tried ) 

    Here is the product pic of the San Francisco ww2 showing that the taper is no where near as extreme as my 30's 



    This pair of 47 501xx isn't far off 



  9. Not exactly , I didn't know very much about vintage Levi's at all until I got on here in 08/09 . I did buy quite a bit of vintage when I was younger , but it was mostly band tee shirts and old American work shirts , had a class gas station attendant one that had a name tag on it reading Earl ... loved it , my now wife hated it  , and get this ... the shop was called Mike Hunt 

    My cousin used to shop at a vintage shop here in Belfast called American Maddness in the early 90's buying old redlines and i always remember a really slim fitting orange tab pair ( pretty positive they weren't 606 but maybe they were ) , when I was  young I really looked up to her as the cool older cousin so i guess that's what planted the seed of my style but like i said all of my knowledge ( if you could even call it that ) has came in the last 10 or so years . The first thing that really got me interested in vintage Levi's after finding here was horriblyjollyjinx blog , he posted about finding a guy outside Harajuku station wearing a pair of s501xx and they looked marvellous,  super washed out but the guy just oozed cool , it grew from there and it's became a bit of an obsession 

    Suppose it's just different strokes for different folks , that's what's great about the large community we have here , there is always ( maybe almost always ) a space for you and your taste 

  10. Some people are into vintage and haven't got the means to buy it  .... that pretty much explains everything you asked 

    I'm one of those people , I love vintage and spend more time than I should looking through vintage blogs , ebay and wherever else . The best I can do as far as vintage is concerned is buy 50's - 70's Levi's mainly for my son so I settle for the best , most accurately reproduced jeans I can find and in my case that brand is conners 

  11. Agree , and if you ever find yourself in Belfast I'll be expecting a PM ;)


    My 30's were an extreme example I'd say ?? None of my other pairs have had any where near the amount of taper 

    I Completely agree with you that the above s501xx shape was the norm but not the only shape there was , so all I'm trying to say regarding the waist shape is that it isn't outside the realm of possibility that the pair Yoshiaki based his San Francisco model on had a more tapered hip . Whether or not he exaggerated that detail is unknown because the only pics I've seen of the vintage example is the back pockets and a few detail shots 

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