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  1. No surprise on my answer... 

    1 . Conners Sewing Factory 

    In my opinion they are the perfect repro ..... well most of them ( the red jackets and jeans can be swept under the rug and forgotten about ) . The 40's especially,  no one makes a better s501xx or s506xx reproduction ( again , just my opinion) . His ww2 denim is among my all time favourites and the fit on the 46 feels like it was custom made for me , the denim holds its shape and doesn't just hang like some shapeless pair of jeans . I have a hard time wearing anything else , tried the warehouse 46 and while I really liked them I liked my conners more 

    2 . Warehouse 

    If it wasnt for conners I'd be a dedicated warehouse wearer .  the past few years have been there best with the introduction of the new duck digger line.

    Not gonna list but I really respect the smaller brands out there , talking about Ooe , Denimbridge , Roy and others . With all the bigger brands out there it's hard to get noticed and it takes a really special product to do that 

  2. Think that may be a good size for you , should ( maybe ??? ) get a hair under 2 inches of shrinkage in the sleeves and possibly the same in length 

    Once you get the 40 you’ll know better because the 42 should shrink to similar dimensions of the 40 

  3. I'd love a pair of ajko's 


    But I'm really reluctant to spend £350+ on a pair of modern nike that sold for .... I dont know ??? £100 and I definitely dont have the money to throw at a vintage pair 


    Need a bit of a change up in footwear 



  4. McCoy's ballpark hoody 

    Size small 

    Measurements ( inches )

    Chest 20  3/4 

    Length 24

    Sleeve 22




    Price  £65 plus shipping 


    McCoy's air force sweat 

    Size 38 

    Measurements ( inches )

    Chest 22 

    Length 24

    Sleeve 22 


    Price  £65 plus shipping 

    EDIT ...... take £5 off each item and free uk postage 

    PM me for any additional questions 

  5. As the title suggests , this is place for members to post there clothing pieces for sale/trade 

    I'm not gonna post any rules because there is no way to inforce them but as a bit of a guide 

    . Please keep pictures to a minimum , 3 or 4 pics per item 

    . Make sure to mention and photograph any defects 

    . Be sensible when bumping your items , once a week is plenty but if it's on the same page then what's the point ... right ? 

    . Try and remember to edit your post when an item is sold 

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342