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  1. 51 minutes ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

    100% agreeing on the interest in an s506xx with correct proportions (ie non-lengthened body) ...

    great to know they are listening and interested in input..


    to continue my plea to @TCBINOUE for a WW2 TCB chore coat (not necessarily for the contest, but as a long-term plan if going into mid 40s territories...) I repost (from the chore thread) this war time chore made by Hercules...


    and more pointedly these two from Lee: even more desired and interesting reduced pocket placement and arrangement I think...






    +1 for the ww2 lee 

  2. 1 minute ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

    random pockets, as long as they are hbt (lined in flannel)! 


    I think the only only random mis-matched pockets I remember is b_F's csf? or am I mis-remembering?

    They were denim pockets mate 

    Cant say I've ever seen mismatched pockets but that's not saying they dont exist ... just never seen evidence of it 

  3. There has been talk of a ww2 contest on the forum for years so its great to ( fingers crossed ) see one happening , looking forward to see the start of this 

  4. Pocket and arc shape is nicer on the anniversary model imo , that's the main reason I sold my standard 46 

    Rivets are the same on both models ( mixed plain and stamped ) 

  5. Posted a similar pic on denimbro a while back but cant find it 

    This was my first home as a kid , a small 2 bed semi in north belfast . I was born in 1988 and my family lived here until 97 . The house didn't have central heating , only a coal fire in the sitting room ... I can still remember the condensation freezing on the inside of the windows in winter , plenty of happy memories though



  6. I think it would be quite difficult to deal with warehouse directly without a shop to go through 

    Now this is just a suggestion and feel free to ignore it because I have no intentions of joining the contest but .... how about a smaller lesser known brand ( if warehouse is out ) ? I'm sure they would be more than happy with the custom in these challenging times 

    Always thought these looked really nice and it's a really small workshop brand . Have no idea if he would be willing to take on the orders but if you guys like it then an Instagram message would make contact 

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