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  1. 5. Allen Edmonds Burgundy Shoes 7.5 EEE - $120
    No scratches or scuffs - maintained with saphir shoe care products. Lightly worn only 5 or 6 times. Allen Edmonds rubber sole.
    24124419571_d3659eaa14_k.jpgDSC00985 by deusvalor, on Flickr
    24207003095_2eb1fd6a78_k.jpgDSC00984 by deusvalor, on Flickr
    6. All Saints "Brunswick" Blazer in Oil Wash 46 - $150
    Jacket is made from a linen-cotton blend, so it has an irregular texture. Works wonderfully with a scoop neck tee and a pair of black washed jeans. Size 46, fits like a size S. Brand new with tags and never worn.
    Chest: 49cm
    Shoulder: 44cm
    Length: 73cm


    24098982402_6e934f4fa3_k.jpgDSC00997 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    23580212473_47554de852_k.jpgDSC00998 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    24207022625_ed039bad2b_k.jpgDSC00999 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    24207023985_e3ca689f0d_k.jpgDSC01000 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    23578824484_fb61320fc1_k.jpgDSC01001 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    24098989022_4a5364dd12_k.jpgDSC01002 by deusvalor, on Flickr

  2. 3. Common Projects Dark Brown Patent Leather Hi-Top Sneakers Size 41 - $175


    These were worn very gently for over a year (less than twenty times). Professional life now prevents me from wearing these very much so I'm letting these go, however much I love them. Perfect with black or dark indigo washed jeans. No scratches or flaking of any sort. Inside lining is 100% calf leather.


    23580241953_886eca1bc3_k.jpgDSC01294 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    23578854284_15e3d4585e_k.jpgDSC01298 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    23578855604_bb55ceb2a2_k.jpgDSC01299 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    4. Mihara Yasuhiro Indigo Washed Japanese Selvage Denim 31 - $150


    Size M, Fits like a waist 31.


    Waist: 32 Inches

    Rise: 12.5 Inches

    Thigh: 11 Inches

    Hem: 6.5 Inches

    Inseam: 34 Inches


    24180938736_f22f3f6f57_k.jpgDSC01003 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    24180944096_34558b88f0_k.jpgDSC01006 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    23580225433_fd7c488671_k.jpgDSC01007 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    23911454050_6a25771766_k.jpgDSC01010 by deusvalor, on Flickr



  3. 2. Nano-Universe Moto Leather Jacket Size XS/S - $170


    Japanese label leather jacket. Tagged size M, fits closer to an XS (true japanese size S). If it helps, it fits exactly like my viridi-anne leather jacket in size S. Leather has been conditioned frequently - feels very substantial, probably top-grain if not full-grain leather.
    Chest: 47cm
    Shoulder: 43cm
    Length: 63cm
    24206988285_1f31345cfc_k.jpgDSC00971 by deusvalor, on Flickr
    24206990575_32ea84afdc_k.jpgDSC00973 by deusvalor, on Flickr
    24206991525_ac87f835bc_k.jpgDSC00974 by deusvalor, on Flickr
    24180902286_f8bb317b62_k.jpgDSC00975 by deusvalor, on Flickr
    24124408811_5f4e94a722_k.jpgDSC00976 by deusvalor, on Flickr
    23839162789_40842f4883_k.jpgDSC00979 by deusvalor, on Flickr
    24124417091_669695e3d4_k.jpgDSC00983 by deusvalor, on Flickr

  4. All prices are with worldwide shipping


    1. Viridi-Anne Moto Leather Jacket Sz 1 - $300


    Chest: 46 cm

    Shoulder: 41.5cm
    Length (from back of collar to bottom hem): 62cm

    Made in japan, really supple leather, incredible hardware and very slim fitting (fits like an XS). No scratches or damage to the leather, maintained with leather creams.


    24485825229_25402cb919_k.jpgDSC01329 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    24557942760_30011c9074_k.jpgDSC01330 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    24735579832_d9fce8ef63_k.jpgDSC01333 by deusvalor, on Flickr


    24226600253_d03613883f_k.jpgDSC01335 by deusvalor, on Flickr

  5. 1. DRKSHDW Berlin Jeans 30 - $120 shipped worldwide

    Waist: 32 Inches

    Thigh: 11 Inches

    Hem: 6.5 Inches

    Insteam: 34 Inches












    2. Mihara Yasuhiro Split-Pocket Selvage Denim M - $135 shipped worldwide

    Waist: 32 Inches

    Thigh: 11.2 Inches

    Hem: 7 Inches

    Inseam: 34 Inches













  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342