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  1. just picked up a pair of these. fit is quite nice, not as tight as new cures but reminiscent of them. Fabric isn't as stiff, the dye seems to be really cheap, my hands are blue whenever i wear them. the copper buttons are pretty cool, certainly stronger than N&F buttons, but i think my pair has an offcenter button : /

    i don't see any reason to doubt that they are indeed japanese denim, but they aren't using denim of the same quality as N&F. i got them b/c i liked the blue stitch selvedge. they look pretty flattering on me cuffed. they're pretty slim but don't have a painted on appearance. I actually had to size up in these, and they only come in even numbered sizes (i wear a 29). nothing to write home about, but 80 bucks is chump change for raw japanese selvedge and they look alot better than the price -- as long as the button and that patch are covered by a shirt.

    they come in odd sizes too. just pick them up online if you can't find your size in store. about the indigo rubbing off on your hands .. i wouldn't attribute this to "cheap dye", that's common across all raw denim.

  2. lol @ mickey. sagamores ( the "outdoor parka") are disappointing in person. flimsy and thin. a heads up for those who are considering the web belts - the precious supreme logo flakes off with a swipe of a finger nail.

  3. ^ Agreed. I believe the SBGW005 bracelet can be outfitted on the SBGM003 as well. About the SBGM007, it could have a silver face -- or maybe not. I've seen so many pictures of it (including official Seiko images) and at times it's looked identical to the cream face of the 003.

    Kiya, tough choice. I've always wanted a Spring Drive myself. Some things to consider are obviously the difference in movement, case shape (003 is a bit more classic imo), and weight.

    FYI, Seiko recently updated their GS site with detailed images for most of the line up: http://www.seiko-watch.co.jp/gs/collection/all.html

  4. For those on PCs, what's your preferred method for maintaining/syncing contacts? I found attempting to sync with gmail horrible .. so that's a no go for me. Windows Address book perhaps? Outlook? Something else?

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