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  1. bump, i want this jacket.
  2. does the price include shipping?
  3. gimme moar supleme preeze
  4. The first one/The top one. The second one looks fat and ugly
  5. Why don't people just buy real Lanvin?
  6. I travel a lot so glass is very inconvenient. Is $25 deodorant next level?
  7. um what.... ramen is all hype (yes even the ultimate weeaboo +7 spicy real beef broth 20 month simmer kind or whatever) pho is pretty damn good though.
  8. confession: I smoke cigarettes and masturbate. all fucking day.
  9. rude workers are really funny because they're 34 years old and have a shitty job
  10. i live in san francisco now and i haven't used SuFu in a while. Just checking in to say 'hello'. Avoid Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf at all costs.
  11. I heard the same thing. I've been googling to no avail. I want to know the specific date.
  13. @amerian_hearts lol u mad