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  1. fucking people that stick around too long

    girls who purposely talk in kiddy voices and feign ignorance.

    the latter can be cute though. occasionally, i mean. especially if shes somewhat good looking. if a fugly girl did that, then ugh.

  2. in high school i was walking in the hallway and there was this cute girl coming towards me from the opposite direction. she starts waving and smiling, and in my head im thinking, FUCK YEAH, SWAG, and i cheerfully wave back at her all smiling and shit trying to look cool.

    of course, she was waving at her friend walking behind me.


  3. I don't know why but I love reading tumblrs of really korny/stupid asian girls. Not the reblogs but their actual posts whether it's complaining or just their thoughts. It's usually about how their parents won't let them get their belly button pierced, or their boyfriend asking them to prom, etc.

    I get a mixture of frustration and joy out of every one. It's not that I want to be up to date on their lives but I'm just so dumbfounded by their thoughts. Most of it is nonsense and has nothing to do with me but I suppose it's amusing. I especially enjoy when they whine about their "friends" or wonder why they're getting DUIs.

    Is there something wrong with me?

    not really. but you are basically a voyeur. not the peeping-tom variety, but reading into other people's lives kind of voyeur. there is always that voyeuristic element in any kind of social media like facebook and shit.

  4. also i love smoking in the rain, and watching the rain and listening to it. so relaxing

    +1 in the rain. i love smoking in the snow as well. this winter i was in the woods smoking a blunt, snowing all over. shit was so calming.

  5. i hopped online onto my favorite site while wearing my selvedge jeans.

    welcome to the site of fame and jawnz, whoa am i gonna fit in?

    clicked on the link and im on superdenim WAYWT for the first time

    i look to my right and i see the selfedge ad sign

    this is all so crazy, everybody seems so authentic

    my tummy's turnin and im feeling kinda homesick

    too much denim and im feeling kinda nervous

    thats when i turn on the radio

    and a chesney song was on

    and a chesney song was on

    and a chesney song was on

    so i put my hands up they are playin my song

    the butterflies fly away

    buying them jeans like "yeahhh"

    reppin my bros like "yeahhh"

  6. psychology is a waste of time, IMO. and the material in general is really boring. and you certainly wont get a "career" out of psychology with just a bachelors anyway. at minimum, you need a masters for any kind of "serious" career in that path.

    unless you are going into a business or engineering school, go into college trying to learn instead of trying to get a career out of it. you will have plenty of time to think about that after undergrad. but really, the best thing to get out of college in terms of "skill" is critical thinking. i know it's a really generic/broad term thats thrown around a lot, but it's something you really have to develop, and also something most people lack both before and after college.

    and i dont think the humanities path is necessarily bad, but it can be if you just cruise through it for four years with just bare minimum effort. just do something that involves a lot of reading and writing. like i said, if you arent going into something specialized as an undergrad (business, architecture, engineering and so on), those two skills are the only ones you should focus on cultivating.

  7. yo it's not like anyone living in the "first world" is ever going to have any "third world problems" anyway (and vice versa), so why make that distinction in the first place? and on here of all places? it's like going to a KKK convention and being surprised, "OMG THEY ARE ALL RACISTS!" if you are posting on a website primarily dedicated to entry/high-level fashion, then you know what you should be expecting.

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