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  1. ive been at circa on saturdays. you better hope your firend has a booth reserved. if your on the floor, its a shitshow. if you and your freinds can kinda segregate, you can totally have a good time. but if you get the booths above the dj/stage in the main room, ya lost. its like being on the biggest , gayest float at the obvious parade.

    Never have I seen so many 905'ers and CWGs. You'd think it was a sale at Urban Outfitters.

    Circa is terrible anytime.

  2. Also, anyone know a good place to get leather gloves this late in the season? I'm not talking about those gross chunky ass gloves they got at Harry Rosen or Holts. Something like the Raf leather gloves they got at Seven New York, just don't wanna shell out $250+USD for em.

  3. who if anyone sells n(n) in this city?

    gotta get some black shits.

    I thought Noir did, but alas no. The guy in the store told me that the only people carrying n(n) and Undercover are Holts, believe it or not. Selection and quantity are shit though, if there even is anything left.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342