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  1. oh shit thats a song? that's some z100 shit i bet :(

    I think it's by this actor-turned-rapper named Drake? Used to be on this Canadian tv show called Degrassi...was popular in the States I think.

    Dunno why dude is quoting it in superconfessional though.

    Can't rep you, but imaginary rep for being a sensitive guy, scott.M

  2. Zoos have been ruined for me utterly. There is a weird little zoo on the way to my cottage called "Jungle Cat world" and these dudes have tigers and shit in cages on their lawn...

    ok its a bitttt more legit than that but the fact still is that they have fucking lions in 50x50 wire enclosures....no wonder animals in zoos are all depressed and insane.

    You're not talking about the Orono Cat Zoo are you?

  3. originally posted by Whodinihimself

    ...all I'm saying is that in this case, it doesn't work...

    originally posted by Fabulaz

    I think it'd be much better with different footwear and pants that are looser / different fabric.

    originally posted by gfunkdocta

    skinnier + draped in julius, then it deserves to be up here..

    Torontonians be picky these days.

  4. Bus stops. Specifically the fact there are too many of them too close together in this city.

    If you really need to get off the bus 100 metres (that's 330 ft to you Americans) after the dude who just got off, maybe you should be calling wheel-trans instead.

  5. This is all true. Also, I've noticed the food in North America and the UK is for the most part absolute shit quality wise. GMOs and all that shit. Dunno if this is fucking with us but I have a suspicion it is. However, all I have to go on is a trip I took to Italy a while back, where roadside stand food tasted better and healthier than the stuff you can get at most grocery stores here in Canada.

  6. Agreed. I used to be pretty fat, then I realized it and I was like, "Goddamn, I am a fat son of a bitch." So then I started eating healthier, less, and being more active. And I lost weight. And I'm fat anymore! People just feel that is too late to change their current position/figure in life. I mean, if you are really going to be that apathetic about it, why don't you just kill yourself? Now, I;m not advocating suicide so don't misconstrue it as that. I just get annoyed when people bitch and moan about how fat/upset/angry/etc. they are, but yet do nothing about it. People need to grow the fuck up and take responsibility for their actions and actually do something about their own lives instead of expecting others to do it for them. And yes I am a cynic, and an asshole.

    You're right but you don't take into account the fact that Western (esp. North American) society pushes certain, sometimes unrealistic, aesthetics at people. I am the last person to advocate "real" (i.e. fat) models on runways and all that shiz, but you gotta look at how these people think that no matter the amount of exercise/healthy food they get, they aren't going to look the way society says they should, so they give up.

    Condensed point of rant: Fatties is fat, but society sucks too.

    Always a societal mess concept.

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