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  1. There have been guido-esque waywts in past, but this is breaking new ground.

    This is really terrible, but less because of the outfit (which is not breaking any ground in terrible gino fits) and more because of how fucking retarded this guy is as witnessed by his posts.

    Let's not acknowledge his existence anymore, plz.

    Edit: The fit actually made me think of John Woo's The Killer for some reason.

  2. I kinda have the same feeling, but by that logic wouldn't any reforming of the supermarket rules decrease traffic on the forum?

    I guess if it gets to the point where enough people complain, they'll do something about it.

  3. A system based on rep might work too. It could work by having members reach a specific one-time level of rep to post and would still allow them to post despite future fluctuations. Alternately, it could be based around maintaining a minimum level of rep, and would probably limit the number of fraudulent transactions in the supermarket.

    Don't know much about web engineering to know if this is feasible but if it didn't cause a huge headache for the tech guys on here then it might be really good.

  4. Out of curiosity, where do you work/what kind of shirts did he steal?

    Best, (and in my opinion, most morally apt) thing to do is go find out where he works (assuming he works) and let them know he likes to lift shit from stores when he's not busy drinking PBR on the hood of his Ford Ranger.

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