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  1. Glasgow fits me perfect in the shoulders and I'm a true 48. It is cut to allow room for layering though. I'd say it fits TTS unless you have narrow shoulders then you can size down for a slimmer look.

    As for the sweater, it fits TTS like everyone already said, and filth, the shirts are going to be long on everyone under 6'2", but if it's actually really loose in the chest/torso then size down on the sweater.

  2. i knew it would be the whole "she's not a jew" thing. What the fuck? other religions are sexy too.

    can't speak for other ethno-cultural groups, but with jewish families, even ones that only mildly identify with their religious/cultural roots, marrying within the jewish faith matters. even in my family, which is mad open-minded and liberal in many respects, there's still this unspoken expectation to ultimately marry a jewish girl.

    not gonna happen though, they mad pushy (5).

  3. done dealing with girls who play games. (i'll say the same thing again in a couple weeks i'm sure.)

    tomorrow i think i'll head to my mom's place and play video games with my 15 year old brother. (0)

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