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  1. Not a popular opinion but thought i'd share:


    I think a lot of people are missing the point of the J58. Most people bought it as a stand alone bomber and are now disappointed about the elastic hem around the waist. 


    I'm going to have to disagree with all of you. San Francisco is fucking freezing today and I tested it out zipping it into my J1A-GT for the first time. It's everything I thought it would be. Normally my J1A would have breeze coming in from the bottom which along with the breathable fabric of the goretex, i'd freeze my ass off.


    J58 solved that problem. The elastic waist wraps around my body to trap warmth and because it's a tad cropped, my J1A can still have that nice drape at the bottom when i unzip the left zipper. I like putting my hands in my side pockets,  with just J1A it's a problem since i have a plus size phone and a wallet. Now I have all these extra pockets to put my shit in and still can keep my hands warm.


    Personally i think the j58 - j1A combo is the epitome of functionality. You need to give it a chance. 

  2. Having a hard time deciding between the J50-S and the J58-WS. I kind of wish the J58 had internal JacketSling-compatible pockets like the J50—and I'm not sure about the Gabardine vs. Windstopper—could anyone who knows both fabrics weigh in on the pros/cons?



    Dude me too! I'm not sure if I should try to get the J50-S.


    I have the J50-ws so I'll tell you a bit about it:

    Honestly the best travel bomber period. It's light as a feather and very warm, best part is you can use it as a blanket for your girlfriend or as a pillow on the plane! It has a very soft feel to it which is perfect as an insulator under shells, you don't even feel like wearing multiple layers. 


    J58 is a no brainer for anyone that has a J1A. I've been waiting for something that can zip into it for multiple seasons now. Also the front pocket of J1A has an opening allowing direct access to the J58 pockets, put a hand warmer in there you'd be unstoppable in the winter. 


    Now for the J50-S, Stotz fabric gives a better fit than Winstopper and the construction is tougher. It is also much heavier and probably less comfortable to layer with. 


    NFC/wireless payments aren't yet popular in the USA but really cool daily uses in advanced societies involves sticking your credit and subway/transit cards in gravity pockets then just tapping your wrist at the appropriate terminals. Faster even than Android/Apple Pay...


    This. I put the Muni Card in the gravity pocket commuting around San Francisco. I blow minds daily

  4. Other J50-WS owners, 


    What's the most effective way to clean neck stain? It's minor but I want to properly care for it before it becomes a problem. 


    Thanks in advance!

  5. Had a sizing question for the J1A-GT, hoping some of you who own the piece can help me out. I'm about 5'9-5'10 and ~140lbs. Thinking a Small, but could feasible fit a Medium. I live in Canada so definitely want to have the jacket accommodate layering and some Interops action as well. Any thoughts on best size?


    I'm 5'9 and 145lbs and a small is the best size imo. I was in Asia 2 months ago (freaking cold) and was wearing a crewneck with J50-ws (size medium) as insulator all under my small j1a-gt and it was very comfortable. 


    But i live in California so Canadian winter is a different game. Really depends on how many layers you're trying to pack under it. 

  6. Alright I'm back for an update.


    I guess i didn't get lucky because today i just received another invoice, apparently they separated my duty tax into 2 different invoices. Got hit another $160 so the total is $320.63


    : (


    oh well, it's expected

  7. I have no idea how the duty tax works but i was expecting over 300 but somehow invoiced $160.33


    bboysparrow - i'm sure medium would've worked if i wanted more room for layering, but Cali is hot as hell most of the year so i was really shooting for wearing the shell over a tee. 


    insomnia - you're probably right. Guess i'll have to buy a medium hardshell from SS16 or FW16-17 then!


    I was trying to buy the J50-WS size small on Grailed to see if it'll fit under the J1A-GT, some lucky bastard got it before i could pull the trigger. If you're on here, i hate you lol.


    But seriously if it doesn't work out hit me up, i'll buy it.

  8. Blackbox, 


    I'm 5'9 and 148, i got a small and the fit is great. In the picture i'm wearing a thick crewneck underneath and there's still room to move around comfortably.


    If you're in the states you'll receive it in 3 days and the duty tax is $160.33 (just fyi)

  9. Little late to the party but just got J1a-GT last night and excited to test it today.

    It's perfect for the shitty rain weather in San Francisco.

    Hopefully there will be inner layer attachment to maker it warmer, would love to

    take this to Yosemite.




    Visvim 20L

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