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  1. -Kept searching for a specific question like this but couldn't find it. I know the samurai thread says to stay TTS, but how is it after wearing it for a while? does it get super loose at the waist?

    Levi's 511: 32x32

    -Tried APC NCs before a few years back, but started to hate the skin tight wrap around my legs

    -Should I go true to size for Samurai s0500x or size up 1 even? (looking for a slim, almost straight look/feel.


  2. Count me in I guess

    make sure you pm beatle then.

    question, is there a reason why that back belt loop hole is a little to the left and not aligned with the center?

    I also agree that the pockets do look a bit low and big, but aside from that it's looking real good. Can't wait for the final product with the slimmer leg opening

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