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  1. I bought a pair last week at T&SS in Singapore :) 400T in size 34. I won't be part of the contest because I didn't buy them from one of the two approved outlets but I am happy to hang around this thread and post updates... as soon as I can wear them. Unfortunately, I am traveling right now and have been unable to find a bathtub or sufficiently large sink to give them a soak...... 

  2. so rewarding yet quite simple to do and inexpensive (unless you're an ogre and eat it all on 1 meal). i still managed to pour too much water though, i didn't know what amount i should put.

    I put 0 water.

    But I put beer instead!

  3. 666 and Buster are meant to expand the variety of IH cuts ...so there is the right cut for every physique and body type

    Though I found the Buster and 666 very appealing, I never even went that direction because of my thighs and went straight for the 634s.

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