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  1. F me but the Netherlands at the 6th place?

    Are you serious???..

    gay bashing on the rise ,intolerance to the Muslim community and a growing number of people declaring to vote for a uber right wing idiot

    A rising problem of youthgangs a la crips and bloods in amsterdam and rotterdam.

    I mean Amsterdam is still a cool place to live and work but better then the UK??

    i dunno

    they legalise pot, now thats good

  2. Top 20 countries on the Human Development Index:

    1. Norway

    2. Australia

    3. Iceland

    4. Canada

    5. Ireland

    6. Netherlands

    7. Sweden

    8. France

    9. Switzerland

    10. Japan

    11. Luxembourg

    12. Finland

    13. United States

    14. Austria

    15. Spain

    16. Denmark

    17. Belgium

    18. Italy

    19. Liechtenstein

    20. New Zealand

    Who wanna defend/promote your country?

  3. nobody cares. do you think people open this thread for anything less than unspeakably hot asian girls? stop trying to defend yourself and just post korn already nobody cares damnnnnn


    She is so fine, would smash with fury

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