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  1. if these were a 30 they would be sold.


    why are you selling them?


    If they were 30's, they probably wouldn't be for sale!


    I'm selling them because I started really lifting and I joined my school's crew team, so my quads have grown passed the point of fitting into these. It's such a shame.

  2. For sale

    Pure Blue Japan xx-010

    Size 29 One Wash

    Worn less than one week


    asking $225 Shipped


    Waist 29.5

    Front Rise 9.25

    Back Rise 13

    Upper Thigh 10.5

    Knee 7.5

    Leg Opening 7.5

    Inseam 35









    RayBan Flight

    100% Authentic, Purchased at Sunglass Hut

    Almost Brand New

    Includes RayBan Case (soft leather)

    Condition 9.5/10

    Lenses perfectly clear when worn, but micro-scratches when viewed from a distance


    asking $80





  3. I have a pair of 010 (purple face, size 29, unaltered) that are too small for me to wear. They're one wash, I've worn them a few weeks (read; little-no fade at all) and that's it. PM me if interested. 

  4. You sir are a fucking idiot. Does it look like fam0us fall under the intelligent spending category when he is wearing gold chains and is popping bottles of champagne at a club? Believe me, i am more aware of how frugal extremely rich people are than i would like to ahahah, but this guy isn't rich, he's just nouveau riche living for appearances.


    I bet ronnel has more fun though.

  5. I walked into one of those public bathrooms with the motion sensor lights. When the lights came one, dude in the far stall says "Oh thank God, finally! I've been in here for almost a half hour because my lock is broken and the lights went off." I used my card to jimmy the lock and set him free.

    Poor guy sat in an empty bathroom for 30 min cause he took too long to poop.

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