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  1. damn, didn't realise their garage sale was terrible, haven't been to one admittedly. you'd think with the quality of most of their stock, their sales would be semi decent, but eh.

    I saw some APC marked down today, further I can't remember the prices, but the oxfords in general at incu were at 140 or 175. The weathered ones are 75 and they fit pretty well for me.

    oh sweet, i'll have a look tomorrow probz then. like nlim said, they were probably in the process of marking down stuff and i probably came too early. :rolleyes:

    i'll probably see whats happening at the our spot sale too, anyone been btw?

    also via alley 20% off sale (Cosmic Wonder, TO&CO, Rittenhouse, 20,000,000 fragments, Mikio Sakabe and Surface 2 Air) for those who care

  2. nah dun get american apparel, if u want try "weathered" i got it on sale at incu for 80bux and its a nice fit, not heaps awesome but not bad value for the price u pay. Maybe just buy one that has nice details and okay-ish fit, and spend a bit to tailor for like 15bux and u'll have a nice fitting shirt with details that u like.

    i'll have to look again, i went yesterday but didn't find anything, i'm after a blue oxford shirt which is probably why.

    kinda annoying a.p.c isn't on sale, there was one blue oxford that i liked but was 220 :/

    hopefully incu have one of their garage sales again soon

  3. i don't think selvage will take off as a trend...well i hope it doesn't. most kids won't pay $150 for jeans instead of something else which isn't selvage, but looks the same for less.

    ksubis and nudies will remain #1 in terms of denim trendiness/cred.

  4. i might be able to go to uniqlo for you.. maybe..if it is available in Japan that is。what do you want exactly? i didn't notice anything the other day in the shinjuku uniqlo

    really? sweet dude, i would appreciate that massively. the opening ceremony stuff doesn't arrive until this thursday i believe, i'm probably only going to get 2 or 3 things, maybe more if my friends want something.

  5. i went too, copped some grey mono low tops for $90

    i might have a look again tomorrow with a friend, but i don't expect anything decent to be left + i'll be competing with at least 5 times the amount of people than today at the sale.




    *caps intentional; so so angry.

    yeah dude, wayyyyy too many teenyboppers/posers.

    some fucking dumbass kid was wearing his wayfarers throughout the whole gig and the sheer amount of supre types was unsurpassable.

    cc were fun however. alice glass gave me a laugh with her inaudible screaming and shit.

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