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  1. oh wow, only $10.50? i remember the last time i was there, i was charged $11 or so for a chicken schnitzel, pesto, lettuce, cheddar and tomato sandwich. felt a little ripped off but it was a good sandwich.

    above places are pretty packed with office workers at lunch, especially big bite on pitt - but well worth it for $8.50, albeit the ingredient selection isn't as wide as south dowling.

  2. has anyone had sandwiches from south downling sandwich shop? the best, seriously. the little shop with the drawing of a sandwich for a sign.


    i had their chicken schnitzel awhile back, pretty good but i reckon for giant sandwiches - big bite on pitt and little vienna in the city are much better value.

  3. what's everyones opinion on good mexican joints around Sydney?

    I like Cafe Pacifico and Mad Mex does good takeaway (better than guzman y gomez)

    i hear flying fajita sistas in glebe is pretty decent for mid-priced mexican

    guzman y gomez newtown has the rudest mexican dipshits behind the counter

  4. actually i probably couldn't stand being that overbearing and showing off my GREAT PERSONALITY for 8 hours straight. i really hate it when they're all dancing and patronisingly friendly towards you, so embarrassing. although they do have sales targets, and is probably the reason they're acting so off.

  5. @jcotteri

    it's on the corner of glenmore road and oxford st, next to the gstar raw store. the french(?) ladies who i think run the store were super nice and helpful the last time i was there, and afaik is the only denim specific store in sydney.

  6. - goods are in sydney, australia

    - prices are in AUD

    - paypal only, unless you want to do pickup

    - offers welcome

    - will ship worldwide, let me know of location and i will inform of cost

    colab - neasden control centre 'the duke' sunglasses

    NB: there is a lens scratch caused by the tip of the arm of the frame, pics below. does not affect vision.


    32x30 uniqlo navy double-pleated chino trouser

    brand new with tags, bought from uk uniqlo online store 3 months ago

    35 AUD>25 AUD





  7. the white guy with glasses at tgv is pretty nice and helpful whenever i've needed help from him.

    i hate walking in when ponytail guy and beanie guy are there. they seem a little stuck-up and too cool in store and i usually don't go in if i only want a quick browse.

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