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  1. australia is so backward - in terms of mid-range fashion anyway.

    the australian license for zara was bought up ages ago and was meant to be open at the launch of westfield bondi junction, but nothing yet.

    cotton on has really terrible stuff, i probably wore it last when i was about 14. basics are pretty crappy, just get em from ascolour

  2. i love you too melvin.

    what are peeps favourite spots for kebabs and mexican food? i either go to kebab world in dee why or adam's in st leonards for kebab ... mexican atm i really like mad mex in surry hills....i'm having the craziest craving for a shredded beef taco the past few days and gonna try do it myself with my new slow cooker :|

    mad mex is fucking great

    so is flying fajita sistas in glebe if you want a sit down dinner

    i miss the greasiness of taco bell however :(

  3. I had 2 other gents PM also, so that seems like a solid enough number.

    Now.. japan or UK with the strong AU$?

    when i proxied stuff from the UK it took their uniqlo about a week to get their shit together and ship it out, then about 2 weeks on top to get here. it'll definitely come out cheaper though, especially for a large order.

    japan is pretty quick and i'm pretty sure hide-san only ships ems, but yeah you pay the premium. just get quotes from two places imo.

  4. didn't even think of it J. :o I did buy half a dozen slim fit shirts in black and white though, as well as a dozen s/s undershirts that went to shit as soon as they touched water. getting hide-san to proxy me a bunch of the slim fit shirts in light blue as well as a pile of v-neck tees as they weren't available while I was there, will add the black T-000's to the list too. after that I think I'll be all qlo'ed out for a good year or so.

    nice nice

    i'll probably proxy my +J stuff from the uk, it's just that little bit cheaper and the shipping rates weren't as bad as japanese rates from what i remember being quoted some time back (something like 5000yen for 4 items)

    nice to finally see an australia thread, i always felt like a voyeur reading the melbourne thread.

  5. 034936, where are you based? interested in the apc's, but extremely unsure about the fit seeing as i usually wear 32s, but don't know if these will be too tight. no measuring tape ready either. what do you usually wear op?

  6. if you guys are after something a bit different, I recommend south restaurant on military road, neutral bay. I'm not sure if there are any other cajun/creole places in Sydney but the food there is pretty damn tasty. I recommend booking in advance as the restaurant is tiny.

    i really want to go there sometime

    don't think there is anywhere else in sydney where you can get some true soul food.

  7. RSFF is on at martin place this week

    dont really know what else goes on besides shows or if there is anything interesting/worth checking out

    theres a whole range of things happening there and paddington, but nothing really of interest to me..too female oriented imo. i might check out 'the black marquee' run by the grand social in martin place. there's a few parties throughout the week if you want to rub shoulders with fashion types. overall, pretty meh.

  8. I'd be interested to know what was at the sale too...

    Any shoes? There is bound to be, no one was biting this season. I'd cop the 1914s on sale for sure.

    As for sangas, I went to Little Vienna in north sydney yesterday. Had the Mojo beef. It was OK. Prefer the bibimbap from Dols Kitchen though, that shit is goooooood.

    not as many things to buy as i've experienced previously, which led me to believe they're holding stock back or they just sold heaps on the thurs. saw a few 1914s on sale for $300, but not that many shoes and shit was not as cheap this time.

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