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  1. A 70 something year old guy in full safari gear came in today, and was really, really angry we didntt carry these:


    He told me I was "an idiot" for not knowing what "shoes with toes" were. Another customer had to fill me in on what the fuck he was talking about.

  2. Nah, we don't actually get all that many, I just post 'em here when something interesting happens. I've worked at other stores where it was a daily hassle, for me, it's every couple months some shit goes down. I'm trying to make it so word spreads it's not easy to lift from us, but I know it's gonna happen from time to time. Most shoplifters in our area are just so bad at it...

  3. Nah, it's actually the other way around. If you detain them while in the store, they technically haven't "stolen" anything. When they leave, and you know 100% for sure they have something, you can escalate to whatever level you feel is necessary to get the item back or protect yourself. In the retailer's favor once they step outside.

  4. Some dude just lifted some Naked and Famous jeans...grrrr. He had them on under his others and ran out the door across the parking lot. I chased that motherfucker full speed but his boy already had the car running. I don't think he expected me to come after him and he was tripping when he saw me running. I don't think they're coming back... Fuck though...I wouldda beat his ass.

  5. And too all the haters.

    Can I getta fuck you?

    Sadly whatever I spend on you guys won't properly be able to appreciate it.

    It's ok though cuz I buy it for myself.

    I have no problem with someone being successful, and I have absolutely no problem with people spending their money on whatever they want, I was just raised with the belief that bragging about one's personal finances is really tacky. I don't know if you are looking for the recognition, or the applause for allegedly spending money, so I guess if that's what you need... I'm sure you have "friends" who will help you with that part.

  6. I guess I have a strong automatic preference to light skinned people to dark, but I can't figure out how this thing is supposed to work. I only got one question wrong, and it was a negative word I assigned to a white woman, and every sequence was a positive word for a light skin person, and a negative word for a dark skin person, I was supposed to match them right? I'm gonna do it again.

  7. There, on the table, she spreads her legs and sure enough, the doc shoves the duckbill up in there, vices it open and there, up in her shit is a nest of fucking cockroach eggs, with mama cockroach feeding on the bitch's discarded blood and egg.

    Yes…she had an infestation of the pussy

    but serious guys? don't be wimps

    Most of the times when I read your posts I feel like theres some inside joke I'm never a part of.

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