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    I'm actually really touched by a thief that realises that he done wrong. I've delt with a lot of grimy thieves in my short lived retail job-life and they were all assholes.

    This guy is still an asshole but I'm glad he's not a bitch. or sometinhg.

    suo Orion

    Yeah, it was kind of cool that he realized he had made a serious mistake and wanted to correct it. I want to take this kid under my wing, mentor him. Some Dangerous Minds white suburbia edition shit.

    Hapsical - Shoplifting happens at almost all retail stores. It sucks, but it's just a part of it. We can write off some of the loss (inventory shrinkage), but it really comes down to establishing a reputation that you don't put up with shit and will kick a kid's ass if needed. Macy's used to get taken hard all the time until they decided to lay down the law. People know now if they get caught lifting from there they're fucked. They'll wreck lives, like for the long haul. I've seen Macy's loss prevention tackling people so hard...

  2. I wasn't in today, but I guess the guy brought 'em back and left this note:


    It says (probably too small to read):

    "Dear Greg

    I'm writing this letter to you hoping you will forgive. I stole these jeans from you and I myself can't believe I did something like that. It is something that has eaten at my heart for the last couple of days and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me of my stupid mistake. I respect you and all the hard work you put into the amazing store you own. I want you to know that I'm writnig this because I couldn;t live with myself for what I did and I want to be forgiving. I'm truely sorry for what I did and I promised myself I would never do it again. You have an amazing gift to run such a ligit store and I hope it is successful for a long long time."

    First things first, if I was there I would've had a serious discussion with him about his poor spelling and grammar. I guess he was too nervous to come in so he had his friend bring the jeans and the letter in for him. I doubt he'll be back in the store.

  3. Sup Brane. Just watched that flashlight review on YouTube. I gots to get one of them. The EDC thread is starting to become a favorite.

    Scott- I remember the fly and fishhook pendant, but I can't remember the others. I'll pm you for some more info. I liked most of it though...

  4. to put shit in perspective though, one of my customers works at the Ed Hardy store in SF and said she's hitting 10k plus during her 3 hour shift by herself on the regular. This wacky industry...

  5. Nah, I definitely know it's super rough out there. I was making a joke, but I do feel bad for people on the hunt. I get 3 or 4 resumes a day and people just feel super bummed on not finding anything. As far as the Dior store goes, damn... 0 over 3 days? That's heavy.

  6. So this is a first. One of the guys that was with the kid that stole the jeans just came in and apologized. Said his friend won't shut up about how bad he feels and he wants to bring the jeans back, he's just really embarrassed. Told him to have the guy come in and I'd be cool to him. We'll see what happens...hopefully he does the right thing.

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