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  1. hmmm what should i use to clean my grinder? it's all gunked up with residue from sticky buds that can't be scraped and it kind of makes everything dull and the ground stuff doesn't always fall down to the bottom, so i'm always having to stuff down the rest with a toothpick.

    soak each part in some 91% isopropyl alcohol, scrub off all the shit in there with a toothbrush or what have you.... then evaporate that solution and you'll be left with a nice amount of...i dunno what it's called...grinder detritus

    whatever it's like kief i guess and gets you high

    rinse the grinder out with water after and it'll be good as new

  2. ^ basically sums it up, bunch of winter jeans and other pants in 32/34, blazers and jackets in 38/40, lots of good shirting in medium. there may be a few of the shawl cardigans left in various sizes and colors (including small)

  3. thanks dom, can't rep right now

    here's the tracklist for it. i was really surprised to find that the second song was a zomby tune, probably made it like 3 years ago or something

    01 Speedy J: "Tesla"

    02 Zomby: "Natalia's Song"

    03 Brandy: "Never Say Never (El-B version 1)"

    04 Brandy: "Never Say Never (El-B version 2)"

    05 Brandy: "Angel (X-Men vocal mix)"

    06 Laurie Spiegel: "Voices Within – A Requiem"

    07 Alena: "Turn It Around (Hard House Bantons Mandy Mix)"

    08 Cooly G: "He Da Biz"

    09 Theo Parrish: "Soul Control" [ft. Alena Waters]

    10 KMFH aka Kyle Hall: "Girl U So Strong (Wild Oats)"

    11 Terror Danjah: "S.O.S."

    12 Darkstar: "2 Chords"

    13 Prince: "Condition of the Heart"

    14 Erykah Badu: "Telephone"

    15 Foul Play: "Being With U Rmx"

    16 A Guy Called Gerald: "Silent Cry"

  4. the beats line is a partnership between interscope, monster, and hp supposedly started by dre but i'm not sure exactly how much he has to do with anything...but yea just look at how ridiculously priced monster cables are and you'll see it's the same kinda deal with these headphones.

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