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  1. any initial thoughts on 10.7?

    does it really signal the end of the windowed interface?

    people seem to be pretty torn on a lot of the new features

    (i.e. app store) and jobs says he wants it to be "Mac OS X meets the iPad"....

  2. Yeah I am excited to hear what comes from TOMBOY

    How was Avey Tare? Cool dood i'm assuming?

    yeah he's a nice guy-seemed like he was generally happy to talk to people about whatever, and he recommended that i sneak into the 21+ deakin show

    i like down there. i've heard it all the way through a couple times, but i haven't really listened to any individual tracks too closely yet.

    I like the guys getting their solo stuff out, at the very least it's a great way for them to realize and test out anything they might want to build on later when collaborating

  3. no - here's the story: http://www.fallingwhistles.com/

    sad, but the proceeds go to the families and people working to stop these killings. a little dramatic for sufu, but i bought it from my regular shop where i get a lot of my clothes.

    thanks, that's some powerful storytelling right there, such a tragedy thats almost incomprehensible to me...

    apologies if i came across as a dick, i can't ever hate on a good cause


  4. This girl wasn't worth your time, and you're young, and the real rusty edge of a heartbreak hasn't given ya gangrene of the soul, where everything is a ash grey horizon, and every word is like the bulletholes of a punctuation mark to left handed lovers.

    I nominate RandR for sufu poet laureate

  5. +1 on moleskine/journal tip. Seriously, you'll find that just by organizing your thoughts and getting them on paper you will have already started working through whatever is troubling you...that coupled with a little self-reflection always helped me to come to terms with whatever problems i had at the time.

    most of the stuff i've written in there seems trivial to me now and sometimes even makes me laugh, but i'll always know exactly what I was feeling when i filled 25 pages of that thing with my barely legible scribbles of the girl who chose him over me (she came back pretty quickly)...that's pretty cool i think.

    also they're good for remembering cool things you think of, dreams, and hot rhymes you come up with while walking down the street.

    good luck to all in here

  6. ^ahhhhh this shit brings me back, driving out to lancaster like 4 years ago to catch algernon when they still had 2 guitarists, 1994 is also pretty crazy. all those guys are super nice too

    Why wouldn't you be? This is a much better team than in 2008. Who can stand up to the Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt triple threat?

    giants? kidding, i'm realling fucking pumped to watch these guys tear it up

  7. Note how the last picture suggests that the watch window is on the Sleeve Zip Off Jacket (also says that on the Running Paths site) but I actually think that the only garment with the watch window is the SL Fabric Mix Jacket.

    The last two pictures are two completely different jackets.

    Can't have it all in the Sleeve Zip Off I guess…

    The Stretch Jacket’s laser cut, no sew construction, strategic seam placement and Dri-FIT sweat-off panels are a perfect example of this streamlined rethink. A special watch window on the Fabric Mix Jacket, removable sleeves on the Zip Off Jacket and reversible headwear allow extra expression and an easier wear. The Gyakusou Zoom Spider TT+ running shoe encapsulates Nike’s latest technologies in two unique makeups, with Lunarlite foam, reactive Zoom Air, Flywire support and reflective elements that complement the all-over reflective check options on key apparel in the line.

    With concealed specially developed pockets added to staple pieces like shirts, pants and shorts, a technical approach is sustained throughout. Total articulation and storage solutions were paramount during the design process. Carrying day-to-day essentials in silence is an integral part of Takahashi’s needs as a runner, ensuring his run remains a mobile personal space where he can concentrate, unwind and continually achieve. Fabrics remain quiet, while keys and coins are kept from contact — one of the designer’s main concerns, “I was using every pocket my pant had. Now with this pocket system, you can put things in with order without making noise. I think that will help the regular runner.â€

    For the inaugural Fall/Holiday 10 collection, Nike and Takahashi also focused on colors. Wanting to provide an alternative to traditional running neons and brights, the result sees subtle colors that Takahashi describes “reflect a harmony with nature†fused with reflective safety details and a recurring red trim inspired by the artery vein — part of performance’s physical foundations.

    -sneaker freaker

    hahaha "extra expression"

    i could care less about uc running shorts/leggings and the sneakers are ok (remind me of freemotions kinda).

    but dat zip jacket.....

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