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  1. ^ I checked it out yesterday...it was at the normal Levi's store if that gives any indication on availability.

    I liked it a lot, I don't know that much about jean jackets but the materials and construction seemed solid to me; denim is really rigid and feels like it'll break in nicely, and it's definitely a big step up quality-wise from their standard jackets. I haven't handled lvc so I can't compare though.

    I also think the wool sections are a really nice touch too, attention getting without being too obnoxious (the girl I was with assured me I could pull it off even though my style is pretty subdued).

    So yeah, there's my amateur take on it. I've been searching out a good jean jacket for a while and for about $60 more than their standard offerings this is pretty much perfect for me. probably gonna get it this week

  2. This sounds like exactly the sort of rumor / lie that he would come up with.

    He talks a lot, of course it could all be bullshit. As long as the music is good i don't really care whether he wrote it in his lucid dreams or after not sleeping for 3 days...

    hopefully he actually does something with this supposed mother load of tracks he's sitting on, i've been digging the analord stuff

  3. i say good call on getting a credit card scott.

    who the hell knows what it's gonna be like getting a loan/mortgage in 10 years? might as well do anything you can now to establish good credit

  4. ^those new balance are busy but i would definitely stare if i saw someone rockin them on the street

    Sorry If I sound like a dick but these past 2-3 shoes posted are very unimaginative and ugly IMO.

    yeah, i just posted to show that the ransom x adidas collab wasn't a total failure...or maybe it was...whatever

    anyways if it was between those three i'd just get chucks

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