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  1. Is anyone familiar with Discogs? I just signed up and ordered a 7" from someone. Are they supposed to, like, contact me and send me an invoice? Just wondering because there's nothing on the site that facilitates payments and I don't wanna just send this dude money without any confirmation that he got my order/still has the record etc.

  2. Six Scents nyc

    Six Scents is looking for dedicated sales & marketing interns to assist our global growth.

    Responsibilities include

    *Coordinating press outreach efforts. Writing press releases and keep tracking of received press

    *Event Planning


    *Market Research

    *Sales Outreach and support

    *Social Media Support

    Must have a laptop.

    Must be proficient in Excel/Spreadsheets.

    Unfortunately there's no contact email left in the listing but I'm guessing the "general inquiries" one ([email protected]) is fine

  3. "Tactile control" and I guess the comfort of having a physical library of music aside, I've never really understood the appeal of cdjs over digital (traktor, ableton etc.). More costly, bulkier, not nearly as cool as vinyl, etc.

    And now that newer cdj models can also have bpm counters and display waveforms it's even less "real" djing than ever before, which for some reason is still important in people's purchasing decisions.

    I guess the only thing is they're ubiquitous in clubs, so if that's where you're eventually trying to get then by all means go for cdjs. But I'm gonna have to assume you want to pick up djing as a hobby and maybe play some parties or something, in which case I'm in full support of going software + controller.