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  1. Question: if one was to vaporize different strains/qualities of weed, would they still get the different high's (since only thc is released). i assume the answer is yes

    i guess this question boils down to my lack of knowledge about exactly how different strains give you the different feelings ( i really only know the difference between "sativa" and "indica")

  2. ^ hey thanks for the rep man. just remember it has a lot to do with your body, how fast your metabolism is and whatnot.

    like i have this crazy friend who can smoke 3 times a day for 6 months then detox in 3 days and pass a legit piss test.

  3. shit looks real real real real real real real real good i love gdp.

    ok on a serious note i know weed stays in you for like 30 day or whatever. what can i do to get it out of me quicker or any ideas on how to hide the fake piss?

    you could always take some niacin pills. flushes your skin but works some wonders. eat a lot of food before your test, so your fat cells don't get in your piss. umm i hear salt baths work too

  4. umm 1st post. i decided after lurking here for a year i should probably get some jeans of my own. size 29 from big. i guess from the pic it kinda looks like i coulda sized down but that would have been killer on my thighs.

    please excuse my poor photography skillz...


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