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  1. i'm really digging this guy called machine drum, too

    yes! Want to 1 2? was one my favorites of 2009.


    Haploid, i don't understand what exactly you have beef with...you seem to fully understand and accept the fact that music cycles rather quickly, yet you're still bothered by that? i'm sure tons of music snobs enjoy some of the "played out" electronic shit that everyone else listens to now. not everyone is a visionary when it comes to pioneering new musical concepts, and i really don't think it's fair at all to say that artists just make music because it's the hype thing to do...

    sure there's a lot of shit out there you have to sort through. and i see how it can be frustrating (especially as a producer) to hear the same thing over and over again, the shit gets way oversaturated for sure. but then again, the artists that try and "protect" their sound and fight to keep it to some small underground scene are usually the douchiest too

    as you can tell i'm anything but the authority on music trends and whatnot, but usually the good stuff floats to the top anyway so i don't think there's much to complain about

    just because it's original doesn't mean it's good and just because it's good doesn't mean it's original

  2. number of all-nighters i will have pulled in the last two weeks after tonight: 5

    most of these are caused by a combination of my procrastination habits and self induced insomnia

  3. Yo MharcI, similar thing happened to me last summer.

    Long story short, I worked at a restaraunt. Place went bankrupt and the owner literally ran away. So not only did I lose my job but about $1000 i was owed as well....

    my advice is to try and not get too down about it and just start job hunting again. shit happens, and the faster you can bounce back from it the better off you'll be

    also, gybe! reunion news made my fucking day

  4. that guy on the left is a douche.

    i was at a show and he was in the crowd asking everyone if he could borrow their phone so he could call his coke dealer.

    later he was trashed/yaked/whatever and literally trying to start fist fights with random people

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