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  1. Guys any good store I should stop by, concept stores/ independent department stores (womenswear mainly) for the gf

    Not "independent" but KaDeWe is nice, and check out the new Bikini Concept Mall.


    I set aside 7 nights and 8 days in Germany (Berlin)/Austria/Czech.


    Any thoughts on how to divide it up?



    I would cut out Dresden, and do only 1 day in Prague. Dresden is nice but for the timeline you've laid out I think it would be more worthwhile to spend the extra time in Berlin or Vienna, or maybe even a day trip to Bratislava.



  2. It ain't that hard to find tech 1200s for even $500 a pair, at least where I am. You just gotta be patient and something will pop up eventually; it's not even like they're that rare, any seasoned jawn hunter should be able find them for a decent price.



    Although if you absolutely can't wait the new pioneer decks look pretty good.

  3. I did some recherche and found a couple places. The first 2 serve Schweinhaxe, which is the Bavarian version of the same cut (pork knuckle) but roasted instead of boiled. Also served with different side dishes. I never tried the dish or any of the places so I can't personally vouch for any of them, just going by online reviews. All are in Mitte except Zur Haxe which is in Prenzlaur Berg.


    Brauhaus Mitte

    Zur Haxe

    Max und Moritz

    Alt-Berliner Wirtshaus

    Brauhaus Georgbräu

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