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  1. On 7/7/2019 at 6:16 AM, daniel said:

    anyone here to compare 27ds / 30ds-a?, many thanks for any feedback on this topic !

    i've got both and can try to write a comparison later. what things, in particular, would you like to know

  2. Depending on the specific night, Social Room can be quite good. Played there a few weeks back. Heiko Laux played last weekend, Lawrence has played in the past, if that gives any indication of the sound. It's upstairs, and doesn't have any signage, so can often be a little too empty. 


    OMA might be one to keep an eye on, but the crowd can be a mixed bag. 


    XXX in Tai Kok Tsui as well, but again, check the FB for a specific night before going. 


    In Central there's a place called Basement which can occasionally have something cool. 


    ALSO! there is a place in Fo Tan called Acadana. Basically a dude has taken the old (huge) soundsystem from Dragon-i and installed it in a small industrial space out there. I havent been there personally, but have heard great things. This is just happened, for example: https://www.facebook.com/events/161372780977254/


    I would skip Volar, unless models and bottles are your thing.


    On a seperate note, this was one of the best restaurants i've tried in HK (cheap too). They also just opened a location in Central: http://www.openrice.com/en/hongkong/r-yau-yuen-siu-tsui-jordan-shanxi-shan-noodles-rice-noodles-r185837


    awesome, thanks for the recs my guy. XXX def sounds interesting. will check the FB pages for anything cool (and try to keep an eye out for anything at Acadana). may try to catch a d&b show at basement bar since it looks like the first place i've seen with bpm > 140

  3. sup hk peeps & enthusiasts,


    gonna be passing through hong kong for 2 days in november... looking to see if anyone has recommendations on clubs/venues that are good rn. mostly trying to listen to various forms of non-EDM club music. seems like venues close down frequently out there, so i'm wondering what ppl living there think is currently good.


    only places mentioned to me so far have been Volar and midnight&co. this place FLY looks like it could be cool – anybody been? Same with PLAY Club (only because they have some "hip hop/garage" night or some shit).


    much appreciated

  4. Any tips on using SpeedLock? Pulling the black tab to tighten the hem is intuitive enough, but I can't seem to figure out how pulling the green webbing pulltab is supposed to release the drawcord.


    iirc you have to press the release button on the clasp and, while still holding that down, pull the green tab/webbing to reset the cord. 

  5. i'm lazy as shit and cbf going thru this thread. what areas should i look to stay in tokyo. i've only ever stayed in shinjuku and shibuya but this time i'm going solo so i've got more freedom to choose




    The oh-so-obligatory answer:

    Shinjuku 2-chome

  6. It can handle quite a bit.  I generally use it to carry my DSLR + lenses in this: http://mountainsmith.com/index.php/camera/kit-cube-2014.html


    On top of that I usually have a 32oz. Nalgene in there, a jacket/sweater, some snacks; and sometimes a book/Kindle, laptop (in sleeve).  It comes with an inner padded liner, which can be removed to allow for more space, and the straps are adjustable to allow vertical expansion.  If you're trying to use it as a daily carry, it's more than enough space.  If you're trying to use it as a duffle for trips, doable depending on length of trip and how you pack.  At full load the problem for me has never been space, but the weight will get uncomfortable on one shoulder (but that's true with any one-shoulder slung bag, not just this).


    really wanna echo this. i used the 5ts for a few days as my daily commute bag. carried a laptop, charger, waterbottle, sometimes a jacket or book. found it pretty uncomfortable on shoulder after maybe 15-20 mins of standing. fortunately i had the mk2 cordura, so i had the top carrying handle, but i generally couldn't adjust. it wasn't nearly as comfortable worn as a backpack or even an ecat. if you can compartmentalize well with attachments and keep it under a reasonable weight, it's cool.


    also i used to switch to the "backpack" configuration every so-often, but the weight doesn't distribute evenly between the straps + it's a bit awkwardly oriented – just in case you were considering that option.

  7. Amateur question hour: Where are the 8 pockets on a pair of P15 / p23ts / Etc. ? You've got 1 phone pocket, 2 back pockets, 2 front pockets and 1 little pocket in the left front pocket, that makes 6, where are the other 2?


    i asked this same question back when the original p15-ch dropped. the extra 2 pockets are the "deep pocket" pockets. to recap, it's:


    - 2 back

    - 2 front

    - 1 external phone pocket on right

    - 1 internal phone pocket on left (same size as phone pocket)

    - 2 "deep pockets" (one in each front pocket)


    the deep pockets are a bit hard to explain. there's a small partition connected to the outseam of the pants that is big enough to hold small items (e.g., earbuds, car keys, etc.). it's not separated from the main front pocket space by a wall of fabric, but more like an additional small compartment added to the main front pocket.


    really hard to explain but maybe if someone has a pic handy they can upload it

  8. much appreciated. i'm about the same height/weight but usually size up for baggy ACR fit. i think i'd fit a M in this, though. last question: if you were to layer with a hoodie under instead of a tee, would you be able to zip up without expansion panel? or would you need to add it in?


    edit: ah and what was the sale % from haven? when did this happen? i thought i kept up with it but i guess not


    thanks for the help.

  9. Oh boy do I have a lot to say about the J-40L. First, this is one of my favorite pieces from Acronym ever. That being said, I think the fit's a little weird. This jacket is definitely not for everyone.


    For me, I think the fit is a bit box-y, kinda similar to the cut on Cav Empt shirts. I'm wearing a Medium here. I'm normally a Medium-Small for ACR sizes, so overall I'd say the jacket is TTS. I'm a bit barrel-chested (I'm 38" around the chest), but I actually like how the jacket fits around my chest. I have a bit of a gut, and feel a bit of tightness around the waist (my natural waist is 35", I wear 33" pants) without the zippered insert.


    The sleeves run long, like most ACR jackets, but the longer sleeves feel a bit weird with the heavier leather fabric as opposed to cotton or GTX. I bet the length of the sleeves will become less of an issue as I wear it in.


    Let me take some pics real quick.


    Here's the full album: https://imgur.com/a/HusYX (I'm not a talented photographer) and another on my insta of me tryin to look cool (if you're into that soft of thing)


    I ordered mine from Haven when it was on sale. The fees were reasonable, if I recall. I don't even wanna think about what they'd be like direct from ACR.



    thanks for the reply man. if you don't mind me asking, what's your height?


    edit: also i will keep my eyes peeled for another ACR head in SF  :ph34r:

  10. LTL–FTP


    Having a question regarding upward facing, (seemingly) open external pockets on some of the jackets.


    Even if they are zippered, they seem to be built/attached in a way that would suggest, that if you were to be exposed to rain for some time, waterpackets would/could build up there.

    Example A: J47A-GT > on the right side pockets

    Example B: GT-J5A > the lower pockets on both sides. Are those even zippered?

    Example C: J34-GT(PL) > those angled, velcro closed upper pockets. When it really rains, does water stay outside? Since its not zippered and angled... (Also, are the lower pockets on that jacket zippered?

    Same generally for the upper arm flap pockets.


    I'd appreciate it if any of you with actual wear experience in serious rain would care to enlighten me.




    [These assumptions of mine are pure guesswork, trying to make sense of various images/descriptions of mentioned products.

    Possible I wasn't careful enough looking, but I could not find explicit info in those instances.]



    will help here since i own each of these jackets and have worn them in heavy rain:


    1. J47A-GT: I usually keep my phone in one of the right side pockets. Have worn this in pretty intense rain a few times and never had a problem (unless i'm trying to change songs on the phone without ample protection – e.g., indoors). I'm not wearing the jacket right now but iirc the zipper is not orthogonal to rainfall (assuming rain falls completely vertically). The zippers, I believe, are somewhat slanted such that in order to creep into pocket you'd have to kinda fold the excess fabric at the top of the pockets awkwardly. Ultimately – I haven't had a problem with water getting into these pockets. Even better, though, would be to use the dual pocket on the left side, as it's really protected.


    2. GT-J5A: Lower pockets are not zippered – not recommended to store anything water-damageable. The expansion pocket, though, has a velcro pocket with a storm flap. I use that or the large waterproof-zipped pockets for my phone.


    3. J34-GT(PL): The chest pockets are slanted with flaps, making it pretty unlikely that water gets in there significantly enough to destroy something. I often keep my phone in one of the chest pockets during rainfall. In the event of torrential rain, though, I'll use the left side thigh pocket to store precious cargo (and put gloves in the chest pockets). I'd say the chest pockets are generally sufficient. The jacket being long and roomy also helps – I can store things in pants pockets if necessary.

    I wear the J34 & J47A often and haven't had a problem with water leakage for either, but I live in CA and maybe don't see the worst of rain storms Â¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I feel like each jacket has at least one sufficiently protected storage option, though, so  it's never been a problem for me. 

  11. Can anyone comment on the 6S-C shrinking? Just got it and it fits great but I'm worried about how small it might get.


    shrinks near a full size down after wash + dry. there's more info in this thread around here

  12. additional reference: i'm 5'10 160lb and wear a L in the j1a-s – fits semi baggy. usually layered with a hoodie, has ample room for interops. M still fits well (semi-baggy) with hoodie but no interops.

  13. Are Acronym's measurements for other clothes internal? I never checked since it's pretty much tts for me but from my experience, retailers who give out measurements measure the external of the item, never the internal. 


    in my experience it's always been external, but that's virtually the same as internal for ACR since most items are shells or very thin pieces. 


    agreed that most everyone else measures external though (disclaimer: i've never bought an insulator)

  14. My M j47a-gt came in and it fits with room to layer the j50 underneath. A 3a-1 won't fit underneath there with the j50 though. I'm still curious how the L works for you because while I wouldn't mind the extra room, I feel like the sleeves would be way too long.


    i'll post a picture from this in a few days (when i'm free and remember).


    the sleeves are a tiny bit longer than most people would be comfortable with, but i just tie the velcro straps tight and deal with the stacking

  15. ^ Woah, they restock?  Does anyone know if they ever restock previous seasons?  Been hunting for a J36-GT.


    i wouldn't count on it. best bet would be to email and pray for a response.

  16. Question time for owners of the follwing:






    How loose fitting are the above jackets compared to the fits of modern releases.

    This is due to me buyign and returning a J47a-GT as it was really narrow sleeved/shouldered and chest was pretty small for me in XL


    In particular with reference to the GT-J5A

    does the advertised measurements take into account the 'expansion panel' or without and does the panel make a lot of difference?

        Measurements:   Sizes: S M L XL 1/2 Chest 57 60 63 65 Length 68 70 72,5 75 Shoulder 15 15,5 16 16,5 Sleeve 65 67,5 70 72,5


    Look forward to hearing back.


    I only own the GT-J5A, but with the expansion panel it fits like an XL, I'd think (I only on L and M jackets). Zipped up without the expansion panel, it still fits – in the body – like a modern L

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