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  1. hey everyone,

    moving back to canada from london and need some cash/more space in my luggage. open to offers and trades.

    first up - s2a leather cargo messenger bag. incredibly high quality - butter soft leather, plaid flannel lining with inner leather pockets. any question? ask away. barely used 9.5/10 asking $275 + shipping.




    next - never worn sanders leather lined black canvas derbies with leather soul. made in england, goodyear welted, built to last at the same factory as mcnairy. a beautiful pair of shoes. size US 12D. Fits true to size. asking $100 + shipping



    next - 3 w+h ls henleys all size xl in navy, oatmeal, and heathered blue chabanelle fleece. incredible quality as is par for the course with w+h. worn a handful of times but they don't fit me quite right. 8.5/10. asking $40 each or $100 for the lot + shipping.



    i'll be adding more as i keep packing... pm me with any questions. buy my shit.

  2. I also, attempted to read 'The Naked Lunch'. Barely got through 50 pages so I started '1Q84', which is great so far. I haven't disliked anything by Murakami yet. jackg: I bought that one along with '1Q84', I've never read anything non fiction by him. How do you like it?

  3. To increase my pullups I started doing a 25/12/25 bodyweight workout once a week. 25 pushups followed by 12 pullups followed by 25 reps of an ab excersize in a triset. I broke the workout down into 4 grips.

    25 regular grip pushups

    12 wide grip pullups

    25 swiss ball crunches

    25 wide grip pushups

    12 chinups

    25 pikeups

    25 diamond pushups

    12 close grip (forearm) pullups

    25 weighted russian twists

    25 clapping pushups

    12 lateral grip pullups

    25 swiss ball jacknifes

    cycle through each triset 3 times to complete the workout. improved my pull up strength like crazy. after 3 months of doing that workout once a week i could do 25 pullups in a set no problem and I could do 8 muscleups up from 0. Still can't seem to hit 10 muscleups though. Any tips?

    On a separate note, starting incorporating a straight up olympic bench press into my workouts for the first time in a while. Hit 335x1. For reference I'm 6'1, 185lb.

  4. had some shockingly good all you can eat sushi last time i was in barcelona. forget the name of the spot but it was on roger de lluria a few blocks south of arago. cost 15 euro a head and was unbelievable.

    preferred the beach at sitges to barcelonetta. it's a bit of a trek but much cleaner and a lot less busy.

    if you are at barcelonetta though, try the seafood spot on the boardwalk 'el rey de la gamba'. deep fried seafood platter for two was like 43 euro and big enough for 6. really fresh and tasty as well.

    razzmattaz was alright, tbh i preffered the row of clubs that all backed onto the beach, if only for the smoking patio being an amalgamation of the all the crowds... and being on the beach. if you want a bar to pre at, check out chupitos. it's tacky but its good fun, so much so that i barely remember leaving, and there's always a big crowd of travellers.

    Also, be extremely weary of pickpockets. had my phone jacked on las ramblas my last night there.

  5. Friday night at Wireless also looks pretty great. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to sit this one out as well... in Nottingham until the 18th and then Biarritz for a week. Definitely down to join in on a meetup when the timing works though.

  6. I came with no flat, no friends, no job, no real plan and it's all fallen into place quite nicely. You definitely do need to be careful and persistent though because London is not an easy city. Is there a certain type of work you could see yourself doing?

  7. photofinish: I moved from toronto in October on the youth mobility. i'd bring the physical phone (unlocked) but ditch the contract on a friend or family member or something. no phone company over here will even let you sign a contract for the first three months you're in the country so you'll be on pay as you go and a new decent phone won't be cheap. Try moveflat.co.uk for a place - the site seems to hold a much higher standard than everywhere else.

  8. re:banks. I opened an account with Barclays. Their basic everyday banking account hasn't got any service fees. I opted to pay 6.50 a month to have all my electronics and cards insured (along with a bunch of other enhanced services). Only issue is that you need a UK mailing adress before they'll let you open an account.

  9. I've got a Merkur 38C Barberpole which I love. It's much heavier than the HD and its got a fairly long handle with a good grip. I have a very thick beard and usually use the yellow Feathers. When I'm skint I use Personna Reds made in Israel.

  10. Back to the Barbers... I've been getting my chop here by a guy called 'Barry the Barber'. I couldn't reccomend him more. He used to cut at the Freeman Sporting Club Barbershop in NYC and now he's set up shop during the week out of an antique store on Commercial Street (E1). On the weekends he cuts out of the Tea Rooms off Brick Lane. Guy Charges 25 pound a pop and gives a great cut. Shoot him a text for an appointment on 07910-44-5273.

  11. Looking to sell my like new (9.9/10) Nikon D60 with an 18-55 VR Lens, Lowepro camera Bag, and 4g memory card. I've had the Camera for a just over a year now and have no complaints except that I rarely use it because it takes up too much room when travelling. I just moved to the UK from Canada and was hoping to use it as my travel camera but the luggage restrictions on all the ryanair and easy jet flights are fucking with me. I'm looking to get some cash that I can put towards a Fuji X10. I know people are dodgy about buying/selling electronics on here so it's just an i/c for now. That said, it's a great beginner dslr and I'm willing to let it go fairly cheap. Pm me with any questions/offers.

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