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  1. 2hciw7d.jpg




    russian prison tattoos

    Why are we always moving in the same direction? I've got this thing for Russian Mafia tatts. I really hope people don't trend on that.

  2. I'm just curious if any of you guys are excited about the soon to be released Beatles Remasters? I know from previous discussion that some people on here feel the Beatles are no longer relevant so I was wondering if there are people who are eagerly anticipating the remasters.

    I have the Dr. Ebbetts pindrops but even the good Dr, himself says these new releases are 'sposed to be amazing.

    Anybody who claims that the Beatles are no longer relevant is desperate for attention.

  3. not to derail the thread but....

    do you guys ever think that snaggle tooth is kind of hot?

    I think 9 times out of 10 it looks really bad, but every once and a while there is some girl who pulls its off. Like she's got the right face or personality for it.

    I often times really like crooked teeth on a girl. It's hot.




  4. I'm getting severe quoddy envy need income fast ;_;

    South Willard has these. They're getting expensive, though. Quoddy raised their prices by like, 50 percent or something. Nuts. I'll pay it though, because I'm a sucker and I l-l-lo-loooove their shoes.

  5. joke or not.

    cholo might!????

    post is racist.

    the real joke would be to see how long he thought it was funny if he went into a few of the bars along 24th st in the mission.

    ^Don't be stupid. Any ethnic group (minority or otherwise) is gonna get pissed at what they perceive as a blatant mockery of their ethnic background. There's your provocation blud.
    This outfit makes him look like a cholo wanting to dress like a wasp. Stereotypical; yes, racist; doubt it.


  6. My job is wearing me down. I make okayish money, but I never get any sleep. I'm called in constantly so I can't form a regular pattern. Everybody wants something from me on my days off. I need a vacation and a wild-bitch-fuck.

  7. concept (whatever that may be) seems cool enough, im just unsure about that actual drawing of it, looks a little silly/coloring bookish or something iunno, maybe get the dude to redraw it?

    It's actually a medieval woodcarving. I'm all about simple.

    I don't think I'll end up doing it.


    no bitch.


    yea haptronic deleted my sweet lil rooster that was chilling on my sig. favicon.ico

    Did someone say my name?

    I should get a rooster tattoo. Or a rooster head. Punk cock is rock.

  8. lol alright if barbed wire armbands are really that gay then I won't get one. It wasn't so much that I wanted a barbed wire one, but just some sort of arm band....I'm not sure what kind of design though. This still poses the question though If I have a sleeve, armband, or whatever if my arms to get bigger will it stretch the tat in a weird way?

    I'd shy away from bands, period. Unless you find something really slick. My friend got some real slick bands, but it was a full-arm concept. Get a piano key tie tattood on your chest instead.

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