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  1. yeah, i've read the rant on ervell over at SZ as well,

    and it's just very snobby and pretentious..

    If I had more money, I'd buy 9-10 pieces from his collection continually.

    Yeah, I feel guilty about lashing out about another forum, but I get the feeling that this is the reaction that it's getting and it would be a huge shame to see him fall off the map. This is from a previous season, but this is still inspiring the shit out of me:



  2. I think it's a fantastic collection, but I feel that way about almost all of his stuff. A lot of people might not feel this way, but I feel that Ervell is very masculine and relaxed.

    I know very well that cross-forum shit-talk is a no, no...

    ... But the negative criticisms on SZ of this collections is probably the most retarded, pretentious, utterly laughable garbage I've ever read in my life. Check it out for a chuckle. Servo actually made the only good point in the entire poop party. From people calling it "h&m" (not desperate or costumey enough?) or saying that the use of rust either wasn't original enough or didn't convey the "depth and soul"of rust as a conceptual process itself.

    Who are these people?

    Ervell is very interesting to me. It's not desperate and it doesn't scream out for people to think you're well-read or listen to Frank Bretschneider or something. I wonder how kind the Scandinavian markets are to him...

  3. I want to get "Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die" somewhere but I cant think of a good place for just a line of text.

    I was thinking around my wrist.


    Don't do this.

  4. those frills or shoulde lepauls, means either that he was part of the white army (against the red army of russia) or denotes a certain rank, depending on what symbol is inside the circle

    Better dead than red.

    I think I'ma buy that series now.

  5. :confused:

    the topic of the thread was composers "with style"

    what's your reasoning for the above statement btw

    I don't really care if saying that Fela Kuti is very stupid offends or confounds. I don't care if saying that fela kuti is very stupid has nothing to do with his very stupid clothing or the very stupid things that came out of his mouth. I don't care. I care not. I care not and nothing. I said it to say it. Shit on Brahms if you want. See if master-daddy cares.

  6. russian_prison_tattoo.jpg

    I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but this series of books is really interesting/inspirational tattoo-wise, especially if you are into prison tats.

    I'm glad you mentioned this series.

    I've actually been meaning to pick these up for some time. Anybody have them?

  7. That's a good one.

    Just wondering,

    Do a lot of people opt for that kind of tattoo? Is it like Owl Tattoo Syndrome where one day everyone decided owl tattoos were sick (because they are) but now you can't get one because everyone has an owl tattoo?

  8. I've been getting some ideas from antique entomology book prints. I was thinking about getting the ultra-phallic Hercules Beetle you see in the lower right corner of the print below, just with no color. Black and white.



    here's a flea i really like:


    Fleas are killer looking up close.


  9. Depends. A lot of it is code, a lot of it is posturing. Any gang-related tattoos are going to be questioned by those of its ranks and the unaware general public. Russian mafia members often have Nazi imagery on them. They're white gangs. These are people who aren't afraid of answering for their posturing.

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