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  1. don't go chasin' waterfalls!

    I get tested at least once a year, sometimes more even. Unbelievably I'm still STD free. I'm beginning to think there is something to my theory of "she looks clean" beer googles. When a chick fails that test, I do wrap it up.

  2. I have unprotected sex with way too many women. It just feels so good. Not to mention if I have a few drinks in me, condoms make it literally impossible for me to bust; I can work myself into exhaustion and even then it's not a guaranteed thing.

  3. I routinely lie to women. Oddly enough, almost every woman I know considers me a rather nice guy. Even ones I've fucked over don't ever seem to catch on to how badly I treated them.

    I don't feel the least bit guilty about any of this either.

  4. you'd also be surprised at how quiet 9mm is with a supressor on a pistol.

    as far as your weapon choice, i want your ruger... but how do you like your XD9?

    edit: lets not turn this thread into a pissing contest about what works for whom.

    No pissing contest intended. I was drunk last night so any belligerence was alcohol related.

    Yeah, a suppressor definitely cuts down on the noise level. Unfortunately for me, they're illegal in this state and rare enough anywhere else. I wouldn't rely on myself finding one unless I got extremely lucky.

    The XD9 is a champ which is why I would take it along. I have roughly 10-15k rounds through it without a single malfunction and even went about 1500 rounds without cleaning it to see if it would hold up (it did). I know it'd be reliable in the long run. I've also used it extensively during IDPA and USPSA matches so I'm confident in my ability to accurately get head shots quickly with it.

  5. the 5.56 is designed to "tumble" in the air and cause serious damage to flesh targets so it's almost perfect for headshots. the 7.62 does pack a good punch but it's hard to hide the muzzleflash and sound on a 7.62 unless it's subsonic.

    The 5.56 doesn't tumble in the air, it tumbles once it enters flesh. It's a straight shooting round that works well at long range distances, something that would be impossible if it began to tumble in the air.

    Any rifle round will be loud, hell make that any gun fire at all regardless of type. A .22lr is loud enough to be heard a long ways away. Discretion is the best bet when it comes to gun play; make it your last resort. Evasion should be everyone's first method of staying alive. There will be more zombies out there than you have ammo, you can't kill them all even if you were given all the time in the world. Keep your head down, your powder dry, and let all the other sufu cowboys bite it while trying to Rambo it up with the living dead.

    And relying on finding ammo is silly. Once the hammer drops, everyone will have the same idea and horde what they can find. Thinking you can just pop down to the local gun shop or Walmart and restock is asking for trouble unless you feel like elbow jockeying (if not outright gunfire considering people's moods in such a scenario) with every other idiot who didn't prepare. If you don't have it at the outset of the outbreak, don't count on finding any large quantities of it.

    For myself, I have 2 AR-15s (carbine and rifle), 2 shotguns (Remington 870 and 1100), a few pistols (Springfield XD9, Springfield 1911 .45, Ruger GP100 .357, Ruger MkIII .22lr), and a few other assorted rifles laying about with more ammo than I could possibly or even want to carry. I'm set on that angle. I'd probably keep on my person an AR-15 carbine and my XD9 and leave the rest at the homebase. If I'm forced to flee, I'd attempt to also take at least one shotgun and both my .22lr pistol and rifle for hunting purposes. If I have to on foot, the Ruger MkIII would be enough and would be worth it's weight in gold for bagging small game. The one weapon I'm lacking that would be nice to have is a bow. Like I said, gunfire would attract unwanted attention, so keeping my hunting silent would be ideal.

    How I'd play out my escape plan depends on how much prior notice of the infection I had. If I had none, I'd hunker down for a little while because finding a way out of the city with everyone else would be impossible. Not to mention it's just asking for a zombie ambush on the jammed roads. I'd let things cool down, assess the situation and then move on from there. If I'm sticking in the city, there's a construction company a few blocks away that has a large walled in area. It's about 10-12 feet high, so that should prevent any zombie from being able to shamble over. It has a two story building on site, so I could easily board up the first floor and use it as my keep in case of any breeches. There's also a lake not more than 4 blocks from it, so fresh water would not be an issue.

    If I'm given more advanced notice or if I have to flee the city, I'd have to head south. A winter in the wilderness in Minnesota is no joke and it'd be rough trying to survive it. I'd stick to the back roads and even may go cross country. In the event of a complete societal break down, other human survivors would potentially be even more dangerous than the zombies. It'd be best to stick with your core group of people and avoid everyone else if at all possible. An abandoned farm near running water would be an ideal spot to hole up. It should be located far enough in the country where the risk of a large zombie population would be unlikely; even if the homestead were attacked, the small number should be easy to put down with some handy rifle work. It'd also minimize the chance of any human survivors finding us and threatening our supplies either through theft or mooching.

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