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    I went to college with these three. The one of the left had zero ass. Really disappointing considering her rack was fantastic. The one in the middle and the right, quite obviously, were super tramps. Never had any desire to tap but I know a few guys who did.

  2. I'm unknown here, but I have over 1200 posts at the other SF. Here's a link to my profile: http://www.styleforum.net/member.php?u=1654

    Just selling some things I've acquired recently that don't fit me properly. All are new with tags or in the case of the boots, the box. All prices include shipping.


    Stephan Schneider Shirt - White - Size 6

    Made in Belgium

    Original price $245

    Asking $70

    Pit to Pit = 22"

    Shoulders = 18"

    Sleeve from shoulder = 27"

    Length from back of collar = 29.25"

    John Varvatos boots sold.

    Duckie Brown Sweater sold.

  3. It's real.

    Sabre Defence 16in Mid-Length, 1/7 twist, chrome-lined upper, Noveske lower.

    Nice choices. I love my mid-length 1/7 AR-15 also. Mine's a CMMG upper with Superior Arms lower though.

    Are those Magpul magazines worth the extra clams? Besides looking nice, I haven't yet found a point to upgrading.

  4. Ah yes, cougars. I know them well. They might be okay for a fling, which is generally all that they're interested in anyways, but they're not really my thing. Young is my plan, I figure I should take advantage while I still can.

    I thought over this girl during halftime since I was preoccupied with the Packer domination before and I'm glad it's over. To keep this sufu related, this chick had a pair of those weird bicycle-toe, stitched to hell Sketcher shoes and she wore them frequently. How could I commit to that?

  5. I've lucked out so far on having no issues with buying things on the net.

    My one experience in real life wasn't my doing though. This chick I was dating sent in $10 to this one site that promised she could make a grand a week from home. I told her it was a scam and that she should not do it.

    She did anyways. I broke up with her shortly thereafter because I realized she was naive and stupid.

  6. So this girl I've been messing with for a few weeks (overlapping with my ex-girl) just called me to tell me I can't fulfill her emotionally and she needs to stop seeing me.

    Eh... I think I'll survive. I was actually trying to pay attention to the Packers game while she told me. Though I do feel like women are catching on to this a lot earlier than they used to. Maybe it's just that they're getting older and no longer willing to put time into relationships built around nothing. It's something I need to think about. Or maybe I just need to date younger chicks.

  7. from the comments i think she's basically saying that all men under 180 cm (5' 10") are losers

    As a fellow of considerable height (6'4"), I find nothing objectionable about her comments.

  8. my gf is going to see a broadway show with another guy..... just her and him. oh yea and they kissed each other before we were dating or rather we were on the talking online and over phone every night "together" phase of dating.... im not completely comfortable with this but because he is also her "big bro" since she's in a sorority its supposed to make it ok. we have been dating for 4 years but still.... am i really to expect them to meet at the theater watch the show and right after part ways ? in my mind is building up to be like some date they are going on....... i have to get this off my chest, am i wrong for feeling uncomfortable about this ?

    The fact is, your girl is going on a date with another guy.

    Your in college and have been dating for 4 years? Unless you end up marrying this girl, which considering she's going to date another guy, seems unlikely, you've wasted 4 years of the prime of your life. At no other time will you be surrounded by such large quantities of loose women of low moral character.

    Move on. Now.

  9. The girl I've been dating just broke up with me because I was "emotionally impotent" and apparently incapable of showing her how much I cared about her. She also said that I'm so cold and inflexible that this breakup would cause me no actual sadness. I could not deny these accusations, but I objected to the last part even though I knew it was the truth. This happened just the other day and I've been perfectly fine.

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